Franciacorta Aperitivo at Vinoroma in Rome

I was lucky enough to be in Rome at just the right time. Last weekend, some great friends, Erica and Hande decided to organize a “Franciacorta night” among friends. And some of my favorite Rome expat bloggers were there, too. The locale? vino roma on the lungotevere, along the Tiber river just above the Castel…

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Pizza Bianca at Forno Campo de Fiori, Rome, Italy

Recently I talked about the excellent pizza napoletana in Naples, and I mentioned one of my loves, pizza bianca. Note the spelling: pizza biancA, not pizza bianco as I’ve seen others write. The literal translation of pizza bianca is “white pizza” but you might see the term “Pizza Bianca” or “Pizze bianche” on a typical…

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