What I’m Craving: Chocolate Chip Cookies from Eric Kayser in Paris

September 8th, 2013 · Tags: Food · France · Travels Abroad

Two months ago I had a quick trip to Paris.

Paris Opera House, on Ms. Adventures in Italy by Sara Rosso

And now, I can’t stop thinking about a chocolate chip cookie.

A chocolate chip cookie? Not a macaron, a croissant, or a lovely little tart? In France?

I had good intentions in France, I really did. I went in search of a buttery, crusty croissant or a pain au chocolat with sticks of chocolate tucked inside. That was my goal when I saw Eric Kayser’s La Maison Kayser (various locations around Paris, one in NYC, and in Asia, too), but when I saw the chocolate chip cookie, I couldn’t resist. I know David would have told me to get some bread (he talks a lot about Kayser on his site), but I couldn’t fit a loaf in my day bag. :)

Paris cafe, on Ms. Adventures in Italy by Sara Rosso

This dark chocolate chip cookie with walnuts has had me thinking about it since — it was the perfect blend of crunchy and almost caramelized edges and the big chunks of Valrhona chocolate mixed in with what I believe were walnuts, or pecans. I believe it was also slightly salted though I can’t be sure. In any case it was incredible, and though it was only 10am I thought seriously about having another but I couldn’t dally.

Eric Kayser chocolate chip cookie, on Ms. Adventures in Italy by Sara Rosso

The pain au chocolat I picked up out of reflex? It was a pass…not as flaky and buttery as I’d hoped, and perhaps a tad undercooked. Thankfully I had an incredible consolation prize in the form of that cookie.

Maison Kayser Pain au chocolat - on Ms. Adventures in Italy by Sara Rosso

Perusing the Maison Kayser site I noticed they’re pretty much all over Tokyo, where I’m heading to later this week. Coincidence? Maybe. :) If you live in Tokyo or love visiting, I’d love some tips about places to eat – I won’t have a ton of free time but I’d love to explore a bit. Leave your tips in the comments!

That’s what I’m craving. What about you?

Check out some of my savory cravings, like Quail Eggs and Sobrasada from El Celler Can Roca or Fried Artichoke Chips from La Boqueria in Barcelona.

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  • 1
    Angela // Sep 8, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Last night as we left a college football game we encountered enterprising young men selling grilled hotdogs. But they went beyond the expected and had wrapped the dogs in bacon and were grilling onions and jalapeño peppers too for topping the dogs. The aroma was intoxicating but I resisted and now I can’t stop thinking about those dogs.

  • 2
    Erica // Sep 9, 2013 at 2:40 am

    When I lived in Paris, I used to go to Maison Kayser often, but I never realized we had one in New York. I can’t believe this deliciousness is so close to home!

  • 3
    nancy // Sep 9, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie is not to be denied. it is, i believe, in my dna.

  • 4
    Francesca Maggi // Oct 8, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Love this! And now I have a craving for choc chip cookies…

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