Announcing World Nutella Day 2007 – February 6th

Who can remember the first time they were allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast?

Nutella is more than just a “chocolaty hazelnut spread,” it is a way of life. From childhood memories to oozing hot crepes, from breakfasts on vacation, to free-spooning sessions on the couch, Nutella is present in the memories of many of the children and grown-up children in the world.

And it doesn’t have its own holiday.

We’re about to change that.

Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Shelley from At Home in Rome solemnly declare February 6th “World Nutella Day” – a day to celebrate, to get creative with, and most importantly, to EAT Nutella.

How to participate:

  1. Make a recipe using Nutella. Eat Nutella with a spoon. A big one. Make art with Nutella. Wax poetic about Nutella. Cuddle with Nutella. Re-live your first experience eating Nutella. Offer Nutella as a sacrifice. Tell us your favorite hack involving those Nutella glasses. Have a Nutella-eating contest or a Nutella party!
  2. Take pictures, upload a video, and blog about it from now until February 6th, 2007.
  3. Email nutelladay [at] nutelladay [dot] com. with Subject: Nutella Day and include your name, your site name, and your permalink/URL by February 6th, 2007. You can also attach one 100x100pixel photo of your dish-etc. to include in the roundup. We’ll be posting the round-up on the 7th of February.
  4. On your blog, please include the Nutella Day participant button and have it point to this post or to
  5. Tag/categorize your post with “Nutella Day.”

Don’t have a blog? Don’t let that stop you!! There are more ways to share!

  • Tips: Send us your tips, usage and ways to enjoy Nutella at: tips[at] nutelladay*dot* com and we’ll post them on the Nutella Day site!
  • Flickr: Add your photos to the Nutella Day Flickr pool
  • YouTube: Add your Nutella-inspired video to the Nutella Day You Tube station

Some resources for Nutella ideas and recipes to get you started:

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  1. says

    This is gonna be big! It’s gonna be HUGE! It’s gonna literally CHANGE THE WORLD we live in. Ok, maybe not. But it will at least bring some chocolate-hazelnutty goodness to people around the world, and that’s a start, no??

  2. says

    most of the children in the world? most of the children in the world are lucky if they have any breakfast at all… i doubt more than 5% of the world has even heard of nutella let alone tasted it…i never heard about nutella until a year ago myself, and still haven’t tasted it… this challenge almost made me curious to buy a jar though…

  3. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    TriniGourmet’s right, that was a bit of an exaggeration, I changed it from most to many. ;) Trini, not sure you saw that I participated in the Menu for Hope…I was very proud to have helped even a little bit for those in need.

    Welcome Joey! Can’t wait to see what you cook up! And you, NYC…

  4. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    Chelsea, I like your attitude, I’m looking forward to what you create!
    Cynthia, you are definitely required at the party! Help us spread the word! Or come up to Milan and join my party!
    Mary, I am excited one of our original inspirations is going to join us!!
    Ivonne, you are instrumental for the drool factor for this event – I know you’ll blow us all away!
    Melissa, Ciao e Hola! We’re looking forward to your participation!

  5. says

    oh my gosh, EVERY day should be world nutella day! can we just have world nutella year? I vote it starts now! :)

    Can’t wait to participate on the 6th (which, incidentally, is bottle day for some of us Hoosier gals. what a way to bring nutella to the party!)

  6. Chloe says

    I didn’t do something for this but after reading all the yummy recipes I have just bought my first jar of Nutella. It is so good! Now I have just figure out what creation I will make with it. Though spread on banana bread like this morning was just as good!!

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