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I have worked for several years for multinational companies in the technology and internet sector, as well as advertising. I have a degree in MIS, and an MBA which I am constantly using as new challenges present themselves. I’ve worn many hats so far in my life and jobs – project manager, network engineer, systems manager, copywriter, event planner, public relations and marketer, photographer, and graphic designer.

I also have done collaborations around digital strategy, product design, and branding on a few occasions with brands that resonate with me. For more information about some of my freelance work, you can see some of my Projects and my in-depth biography and curriculum on my site.

If you’re interested in a collaboration or other proposal, get in touch. My email’s at the end of this page.

Content, Commenting, and Copyright

All commentary and content on this site is solely my viewpoint and does not represent that of my employers, past or present. I reserve the right to refuse or delete comments left on this site for any reason, especially self-promotional, inflammatory or degrading comments directed at me or other commenters. You are welcome to link to my posts, but my content is not available for re-posting or translation without written permission.

My Photos & Photography Equipment

All photos on this site were taken by me unless otherwise noted in the post. My photos may not be copied, distributed, modified, published or displayed without written permission.

My photos are available for sale for personal and commercial use. For a quote, please contact me and tell me which photo you’re interested in and, if for personal or commercial/website use, dimensions needed, where it will be displayed and for how long in your email. I sell my photos on a use-by-use basis. I can also do some photo retouching and editing upon request. Some of my images are for sale through Getty Images.

For information about my photography equipment, see my Resources page.

Reviewing Products and Accepting Samples

I welcome review copies, products & samples, but I reserve the right to post or to not post about the place and/or product. I cannot and will not promise a post in exchange for a free sample or product. I reserve the right to state my opinion, whether good or bad, about the place and/or product, online or offline. Companies or PR agencies, you are welcome to contact me – I encourage and applaud transparency as much as possible.

If a post is inspired by a friend to write about a certain place/product or if I receive a free sample, I will state it in my post, as a footnote at the bottom of the post. Most of my giveaways have been 100% on my own dime, from purchasing products to shipping costs. It’s a rare case that I will do sponsored content and/or sponsored giveaways (which are always disclosed properly and transparently), but if you’re interested, please get in touch!

Note: In case it’s not clear, I physically live in Italy so samples and products will have to be sent to Italy.

About Advertising on this Site

Interested in advertising on my site? I do not sell links, text links, or blogroll links or participate in link exchanges. I do not insert paid links “text advertising” into my blog content or in my blogroll. Don’t contact me about any of these.

I may consider graphic advertisements and/or sponsored content with brands that resonate with me, and will disclose them clearly. See above sections about Work with Me and Reviews.

Ask Ms. Adventures

If you’re looking for advice or information about moving to, living or working in Italy, I suggest you read my How to Live and Work in Italy and the Ask Ms. Adventures Q&A series posts.

Those posts contain all the information I know about working here, getting a visa, and finding a job. I won’t be able to help you with your specific case – I suggest you contact your local Italian consulate or speak with an immigration lawyer.

If instead you’re beyond the work-visa logistics and have already decided to move here or are living here, are interested in networking, and aren’t asking me to help you find a job, I’m especially happy to get in touch with you. Send me an email with “Ask Ms. Adventures” the subject.

I also answer food & travel-related questions, so feel free to send them my way!

How to Contact Me

Did you skip all the info I shared above about how and why it’s best to contact me? I suggest scrolling up, but here’s a shortened version:

  • Link exchange, paid links, or guest posts? No.
  • Product sample or review? Maybe (read my policy, too).
  • Freelance project or other collaboration? Get in touch.
  • Graphic advertisement or sponsored content on my site? Send me more information.
  • Use one of my photos? Ask first. Some are also for sale. 
  • Interested in networking? Hit me up.

You can reach me at: msadventuresinitaly [[at]] sararosso % com

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