How I Travel: Using Google Maps to discover and map out a city

New York map

Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? I’m also on Twitter @rosso and I’m rossosara on Instagram. I’ve talked a bit about how I don’t really enjoy some of the planning parts of travel – I don’t like price comparing flights, searching out deals, or spending tons of time on ratings websites. But one thing I do love doing is sussing…

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Pocket Coffee Fueling SXSW in Austin, TX

Photo 150_m

If you’re at SXSWi, Interactive, this weekend, and early next week, try to find me! I’ll be there with Automattic, the company I work for, and we’ll have a booth on the Trade Show floor from March 14-17, where I will be sometimes, talking about, VIP Services, and the new, Jetpack! Before then,…

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