Food Lover’s Guide to Milan in Stylist Magazine


As I mentioned in my latest newsletter (sign up! It’s free!), there’s a few exciting things coming up for me – here’s one of them! I’m featured twice in the UK magazine, Stylist, out today in print and online. It’s their big Milan issue (is the cover gorgeous, or what?), and I was happy to give…

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2011 Year in Review in Pictures

I started my Year in Review in Pictures in 2009 (2010‘s review, 2009‘s review) as a complement to my text-heavy Year in Review full of tools, sites, and statistics I started in 2006 – I’ll be posting that later this week. In January, I started to share some pictures from a great trip to Thailand…

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No oil, sugar, or butter Microwave Chocolate Happy Birthday Cake

It’s tradition for me to post about the birthday cake I make myself on my birthday (that’s today). (For past birthdays, read about Drunken Devil’s food cupcakes, Kitchen Sink cookies, Chocolate Brownie cake with homemade caramel, and a Chocolate and Coffee Mousse Cake) This year, things have changed a bit for me. If you’ve been…

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