Introducing the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal & a Giveaway!

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Do you like secrets? Most people like hearing them. I don’t mind keeping them — bad secrets are uncomfortable to keep, but good secrets are even more uncomfortable because you wish you could just shout it to the world!

I’m excited to announce, finally, a project I worked on last year with Moleskine!!

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Moleskine notebooks, and I have been for years (check out my archives!) When they contacted me about collaborating on a Passions Journal, their subject-specific notebooks, I knew the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal was exactly what was needed. After all, desserts are social, they’re made to be shared, and you definitely need a place to record your sweetest hits!

Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal by Sara Rosso

What’s inside the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal?

The hardbound book’s cover has embossing of some of your favorite dessert illustrations and items, and inside there’s lots of Recipe Pages to record and immortalize your favorite dessert recipes!

You’ll find a recipe created by me for Moleskine (the Moleskine Celebration Cake) — above you’ll see a picture of the actual cake I baked and took into their office to share! It’s a delicious, fudgy (and gluten-free!) chocolate cake which you can use as the centerpiece for any celebration you have coming up, with lots of room for modifications and personalizing it to make it your own. It’s just a recipe to get you started!

The Designs section is one of the things I’m most excited about – it has pages full of cake and cupcake cross-sections waiting for you to fill them in with your creations! You can doodle designs & combinations for cakes and cupcakes from the filling to the frosting, and even the decorations to go on top, with some space for labeling, notes, and bringing your idea together! If you’re planning out some flavor combinations, want to remember a delicious mix you recently tried, or just want to sketch out a design for a future cake, it’s a great place to play.

Desserts and sharing them with friends and family is really important to me — that’s why I host parties like Cookie Swaps, why I bake cakes and bring them into the office to share and all around like cutting a slice of something for a visiting friend and watching their eyes gleam with appreciation. I’m also a planner (if you’ve ever read my tech/biz site, When I Have Time, you know this) and the organization side of things is really fun for me, too! That’s why there’s an entire section in the journal called Parties where you can plan out your next party, detailing the guests, your menu and dessert ideas, and a shopping / to-do list to plan your next get-together!

One of the cool things which is available online only at (it’s free to register) to supplement the journal is the Recipe Swap Template. Going to a Cookie Swap, a bridal shower, or other sort of potluck where you’re bringing dessert? You can print out this template, write up your recipe, and give it to your friends or guests as a keepsake (and encourage other guests to do the same). There are also the templates I mentioned above from the journal which you can print up and add once you’ve filled up the original pages. There’s even a My Sources section in the journal; a space to jot down notes about your favorite bakeries, cake decorating suppliers, or other useful addresses for your dessert creations.

When I saw they added a cupcake to the front of the notebook, and I found this very inexpensive dress with a cupcake pattern on it this summer, I couldn’t wait to share this: 

Sara Rosso with the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal

And there you have it — the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal! It’s amazing to see my name inside something so fun and which is a blank canvas for all you dessert lovers out there. It felt great to see it on the shelves with all the other Moleskine notebooks.

The Giveaway!

I want to encourage you to check it out, but most of all I want to celebrate with a little giveaway! It’s going to take a little participation on your part, but there’s a sweet reward — a Moleskine package of their products hand-selected by me! It’s a good way to give yourself a little present, or to share them with loved ones coming up in a few short weeks! Read on for more information.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Find the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal at a store near you, or order it online! Here are links to the Moleskine Passions Dessert Journal on Moleskine Europe, Moleskine USor find the notebook in a physical store with the Moleskine Store Locator
  2. Take a picture of the journal with you in the photo — if you’re shy you don’t have to show your face, but I’d like to know the photo is yours and it’s you — put some of your own personality into it! Bake with it, put it centerpiece at one of your dessert events, whatever you feel like :). If you feel like getting creative, surprise me! (Note: you *don’t* have to purchase the book to participate, but you do need it in the photo!) 
  3. Send the photo to me via email (msadventuresinitaly at sararosso dot com) with your name & location AND/OR post it on Instagram with the tag #mskdessert (and cc: my Instagram account, @rossosara) AND/OR publish it on your own site (& send me the URL via email) by Sunday, November 24, 2013. It’s important that I know you’re participating, so make sure you notify me directly!
  4. On Monday, November 25th, I’ll draw a winner at random from those who submit, and you’ll win a personally-selected bundle of my favorite Moleskine notebooks! Giveaway is subject to my giveaway rules & considerations. I’ll also publish a round-up of any cool photos sent to me right here on the site.

Here’s the Moleskine package, made up of some of my favorite Moleskine products: 

  • Reporter Notebook Large, Plain, Black (similar)
  • 2014 12M Planner Daily, Large, Oxide Green (similar)
  • Classic Notebook, Pocket, Ruled, Red (similar)
  • Classic Roller Pen (similar)
  • Volant Notebook x2, Large, Antwerp Blue (similar)
  • Cahier Notebook x3, Pocket, Pebble Gray (similar)
  • Multipurpose Pouch, Large, Black (similar)
  • Postal Notebook (similar)

And from me, I’m throwing in a USD $25 gift certificate so you can buy your favorite Moleskine notebook in case it isn’t listed!

I can’t wait to see your submissions! 

Disclosure: Though I was compensated for my involvement in creating the Dessert Journal, I do not receive compensation for each copy bought, for writing this post, nor for hosting the giveaway — I just really am excited about you seeing it! The giveaway + bundle selection were my ideas, and Moleskine graciously stepped in to supply the notebooks directly to you. I’m providing the Amazon gift certificate on my own.

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  1. Bill says

    Congratulations on the Moleskine Dessert Jornal Sara. I would also like to thank you for introducing me to Moleskine via your article ‘What’s In My Carry-On Bag’ which inspired me to purchase my first Moleskine earlier this year on a trip to Berlin. My wife subsequently bought me a Moleskine Wine Journal for my birthday so I now have 2! And they’re great!

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