2012 Year in Review in Pictures

I started my Year in Review in Pictures in 2009 (2011‘s review, 2010‘s review, 2009‘s review) as a complement to my stats-heavy Year in Review full of tools, sites, and statistics I started in 2006 (here’s 2011 – 2012’s coming soon). I used to review what happened on this site in the calendar year but I find more and more those posts don’t always line up with where I’m at physically, so let’s delve a little more into my actual 2012 mixed in with posts from my sites.

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In January, I spent some time in Puglia, then soldered through one of my un-favorite months (which was surprisingly mild in Milan) and headed to Miami at the end of the month for work. The day I left Milan, a crazy snowstorm arrived and blanketed the city. I can’t say that didn’t make my runs on the beach that much sweeter.

Most popular post published in 2012 on this site: The Expat Life: Those Lucky Bastards….right?

In February, I did a little more travel to London for work (and saw Wicked again – love that show), and wrote one of the posts I’m most proud of to date over on my tech site, When I Have Time, called Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto. If you have time for one article today, read that.

In March, I went back to the U.S. for several work events and spent time in Texas, California, and New York (saw the Book of Mormon – can you tell I’m a musical fan? Must be all those years in choir).

The most helpful post on this site in 2012: How to Make Homemade Almond Butter or Top 5 Tips for Grilling Indoors.

In April, I took a road trip to France and drank some excellent wine, popped into a travel bloggers’ conference in Assisi, and then went to Spain to meet up with my mother.

Helpful on my healthy living site: Fueling and hydration during a run or race.

In May, a quick trip to Rome for some expat writer and WordPress events, and then back to NYC for a work event.

The most beautiful post on this site in 2012: An Aperitivo with the Stone Trulli in Alberobello, Puglia

In June, headed to a friend’s wedding in Bari, finally got to show my work team “my Italy” for our team meetup in Assisi and Rome.

A recipe I continue to get requests for: Detox Raw Vegetable Salad

In July, I was quite ill for much of the month, which sucked since I was in training for a half-marathon which was at the end of the month in San Francisco (spoiler: I finished). I spent some time with friends and family in the US.

On my healthy living site, Food Blogger on a Diet, a post which resonated with a lot of people: Eating what you Love, Loving what you Eat and Progress time.

In August, I wrapped up the US visit and went south to Puglia for the rest of the month (yes, I was working, so don’t think it was beach every day for me) :)

A post whose success surprised me: Canning Tomatoes in Italy and a Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipe, and on my healthy living site, Why the 4-Hour Body diet is only a 4-Hour Lifestyle Change.

In September, I went to San Diego for my all-company meetup (and we did an in-person 5k to complement the Worldwide (virtual) 5k I organize), and then to Spain for a travel blogger conference.

Helpful on my tech site: How to publish an ebook with Amazon Kindle in 7 steps

In October, went to Rome to meet up with some best friends, then London and Bulgaria for work.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deservedCacio e Pepe, Pecorino Romano and Pepper with Zucchine (so good!), on my tech site, 5 Things I’ve Learned about Business: v.35, and on my healthy living site: Food Documentaries: Storytelling to combat our Obesity and Nutrition Wars.

In November, I tried to stick close to home, and stayed in Italy. I went to the Salone del Gusto in Turin (my 2008 trip here) and I went visiting Trentino Alto Adige and I can’t wait to go back. And I took a quick trip to Rome. I was also featured in The Financial Times as well as Stylist Magazine.

My most nostalgic post: Dreaming of a New Mexico Farmers Market and Home(s), on my healthy living site Goal weight, photos, and undergrowing your closet, and on my tech site 5 Things I’ve Learned about Business: v.35.

In December, I headed to Paris for work, and then Morocco for the holidays.

A post everyone should read on my tech site: How to Ask for Help…and Get an Answer

How was your year?

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  1. Jill says

    It was a great year for me, as I got to see my children (who shall remain anonymous) a couple of times (see NYC, Spain, Napa, Tahoe, San Diego)! Hope this year is as good!

  2. says

    What a busy year. I love all the movement and colour. I had my first novel published this year and it has been as demanding as childbirth! I’ve learnt so much about promotion – it’s killing me! But a wonderful year, such a different set of struggles. All the best to you in 2013 and I lived the Stylist piece. Great work. Xcatinitaly

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