New Year’s in Puglia

I’m back from a trip to Morocco (a few photos from that trip already online on my mobile photo blog, or rossosara on Instagram – add me!) and I’m now in Puglia for New Year’s.

Some of the scenes lighting up my last days of 2012:

Yummy pettole, fried golden dough

Pettole, fried golden dough

Spotting vintage Fiat 500s (my favorite car – I’ve wanted one since 1994 – soon!)

Fiat 500

My last espresso of 2012

Last espresso of 2012

Picking through tomatoes in the street market

Tomatoes in the market

Shrimp heads at the fish market

Shrimp Heads

Shopping for clams – “truffle” or “nut” clams

Truffle or Nut Clams

An Ape filled with vegetables to sell

An Ape filled with vegetables

A big street market framed by mountains

Street market with a view

Great fashion options…for just 5 euros

Fashion shoes for 5 Euros

Trendy Boy underwear for New Year’s

Trendy Boy Underwear for New Year's

Everyone stay safe tonight! Happy New Year’s :)

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    Lovely review — there’s something so very Italy about the way food is presented — even on a truck… That was a nice little journey.

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