Skeleton Keys

When I was in the US this last trip, my colleagues saw my house keys and wondered…do you actually use that key to get into your house? After 8 years I’ve become pretty immune to keys which I consider “skeleton keys” – long, imposing keys that are used to open deadbolts on big doors here in Italy.

I actually saved a longer skeleton key from a previous apartment – I thought I’d take a picture of it so you can see just how big they are compared to regular keys. The blue-topped one is the one that I use to get into my current apartment.

Have you had any exposure to skeleton keys?

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  1. says

    Yes Yes Yes we had the most fantastic keys when we lived in Italy. Our farmhouse had original 5 foot high doors and we found the keys when renovating. We have just bought a house in Liguria and look forward to “real” keys again.
    ciao Lisa