Street Food in Thailand

Some of my favorite street food shots in Thailand. I loved taking pictures in this country. I whittled down 1400 pictures to 983, and now I’m slowly sharing a few of my favorites. A lot of these shots came from our days in Bangkok, but many from other parts of Thailand – street food really is everywhere.

I’m curious what looks good enough to eat to you, and what you’d just pass on by – are you adventurous, do you eat street food? (Want more street food? Check out my post on Street Food in India)

Quail eggs cracked fresh and cooked up bright and yellow.

Fried Quail Eggs, Street Food in Thailand

Dried fish of all kinds – these cuttlefish (or seppie, in Italian) spoke to me particularly.

Dried Cuttlefish, Street Food in Thailand

Sweet corn on the cob, or just the kernels in a cup. (I miss corn on the cob in Italy – it’s called pannocchio, but rarely available and often “sotto vuoto” – shrink-wrapped ears which don’t seem very fresh).

Sweet Corn, Street Food in Thailand

Mountain strawberries I saw everywhere – for savvy shoppers, note that they stuff strawberry leaves at the bottom of those bags to make them seem fuller. Probably still a deal. I loved the dried strawberries rolled in sugar (diabetics, beware).

Mountain Strawberries, Street Food in Thailand

Fava beans are popular in Italy but eaten fresh or dried…I’d never seen them fried like in Thailand. They were great to munch on.

Fried Fava Beans, Street Food in Thailand

I’ll never get tired of grilled shrimp, in any country.

Grilled Shrimp, Street Food in Thailand

Simply put..balls of many types. Better called “satay” – all types of meat and tofu skewered and grilled so it’s hot when you eat it. Some of them cost as little as 5 baht for a stick (that’s 12 cents in case you’re using the Euro!)

Many types of Satay, Street Food in Thailand

An obsession and a great way to cool off – a whole “mini” pineapple cut up and served with skewers for less than a dollar/euro.

Cut Pineapple, Street Food in Thailand

Roasted peanuts which we carried around to stave off hunger later in the trip (when street food wasn’t as accessible).

Roasted Peanuts, Street Food in Thailand

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  1. says

    Thailand must be one of the IN places to go right now .. heard of a few going there . I would not eat street food , unless I had someone who knew the places .. BUT the food in your photos does look good. I am not as adventerous as lots of you .. :-)

  2. says

    I ate my way around the streets and markets of Thailand for 3 years. Even better were the vendors who came to our own gate – home delivered fast food par excellence.

  3. says

    great photo journal you have here! In Thailand, street foods constitute a part of locals’ daily life. There are endless choices and very cheap.

  4. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    Woo – you’re all adventurous, I love it. You would have been great partners to have on the trip with me :)

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