World Nutella Day 2011 Roundup Part 1

Thanks to everyone for participating in the 5th Anniversary of World Nutella Day!

We were overwhelmed by the submissions, the #NutellaDay Tweets taking over Twitter, the 20,000 fans on Facebook, and the new photos added to the Nutella Day Flickr pool.

We’ll be adding these recipes to the hundreds of Nutella recipes on the Nutella Day site in a few days, but for now, be sure and visit the participants and their wonderful recipes on their own sites.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the Part 2 of the World Nutella Day round-up on Bleeding Espresso!

In case you missed my own contribution for World Nutella Day 2011 – Flourless Chocolate Nutella Cake:
Flourless Nutella Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut halves for World Nutella Day 2011

But let’s see what other Nutella lovers contributed for this year – thanks to everyone!

David Lebovitz does the only thing that can be done to Nutella to make it better – make it yourself, with his Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Grazie, David!
Helene from Tartelette explores the gluten-free side of Nutella with her Gluten-Free Nutella Cupcakes and Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting. Grazie, Helene!
Kate from Calamity Kate’s Kitchen contributes Strawberry Ice Cream with Nutella Swirl. Grazie, Kate!
Marie from Food Nouveau tops her Hazelnut Cake with Homemade Nutella. Grazie, Marie!
Sara from The Kitchen Pantry reunites the classic crepe with Nutella. Grazie, Sara!
Jessica from My Baking Heart went the “safe and comfortable route” and made Nutella Peanut Butter Cookies. Grazie, Jessica!
Jacquline from My Greek Ambition used homemade Nutella in her Nutella Oreo truffles. Grazie, Jacquline!
Mike from Cook Weekend combined Nutella and Napoleons to create Nutelleons! Grazie, Mike!
Kelsey from The Family Kitchen made Nutella Shortbread Hearts with White Chocolate. Grazie, Kelsey!
Sam from Oh Nuts! made his own Homemade Nutella. Grazie, Sam!
Karin from Food for Angels and Devils makes homemade Germknödel filled with Nutella. Grazie, Karin!
Vanessa from Sweet Artichoke made a Nutella cake and my chocolate cannelloni, filled with Nutella crème Chantilly. Grazie, Vanessa!
Tamsin from T and Cake makes Nutella Butterfly cakes & shares how Nutella saved her wedding cake! Grazie, Tamsin!
Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen makes a Tropical Fruit Parfait with Nutella. Grazie, Aparna!
Mia Rose from Bright Morning Star made a record 6 recipes using Nutella: Snickerdoodles, French Sables with Caramel and Nutella, World Peace Cookies with Nutella, Coffee break muffins with Nutella swirls, Dark and White chocolate French Mousse cake, and French tarts with Nutella filling. Grazie, Mia!
Barbara from Barbara Bakes baked up some Peanut Butter Nutella Cookie cups. Grazie, Barbara!
Noor from Ya Salam Cooking made homemade pizza dough and topped it with Nutella for Nutella pizza. Grazie, Noor!
Catherine from Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness cooked up a Nutella Rice pudding. Grazie, Catherine!
Jamieanne from The Sweetest Kitchen mixes it up with a Salted Chocolate Nutella fudge. Grazie, Jamieanne!
Jennifer from Savor the Thyme makes whoopie with her Nutella Whoopie Pies and Nutella Crispy Treats. Grazie, Jennifer!
Candy from Dessert By Candy layers it up with Nutella Pudding Icebox Cake. Grazie, Candy!
Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe gets smooth with Nutella fudge. Grazie, Johanna!
Gaia from Shake&Bake frosts her Nutella on her Nutella cupcakes. Grazie, Gaia!
Cathy from ShowFood Chef confesses her addiction to her Nutella Crack Pie. Grazie, Cathy!
Laura from Ideas for mommies and children makes Nutty Nuttela Nuts all a traditional cookie all the way from Romania. Grazie, Laura!
Cherrye from My Bella Vita takes it easy with her Easy Nutella Mandarin S’mores. Grazie Cherrye!
Arlene from nyc/caribbean ragazza makes Homemade Nutella Pancakes to remind her of home. Grazie, Arlene!
Deanna from Marzipan turns pie scraps into Nutella Pastry Pockets. Grazie, Deanna!
Jennifer & Meredith from A Busy Nest contribute a double-header: Chocolate Hazelnut Crème Brulée and Nutella Shortbread Bars. Grazie, girls!
Stephanie from Plain Chicken combines sweet, salty and chocolaty in her Peanut Butter Nutella Ritz Cookies. Grazie, Stephanie!
Astheroshe from Accro cracks it up with Nutella Crinkle Cookies. Grazie, Astheroshe!
Michele from Our Italian Table dips into Nutella with Espresso-Dipped Nutella Cake Balls with Sea Salt. Grazie, Michele!
Asta from Villa Alps makes self-frosting Nutella cupcakes. Grazie, Asta!
Jen from Piccante Dolce fill her pockets with Nutella with her Nutella Ricotta Pocket Pies. Grazie, Jen!
Karen from Mignardise twice bakes some Nutella biscotti. Grazie, Karen!
Cinzia & Marika from Stile Mediterraneo used homemade Pugliese bread in their Bruschetta with Ricotta, Nutella & Orange Zest. Grazie, ragazze!
Mary from Food Librarian lets her cupcakes do the frosting work with Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes. Grazie, Mary!
Eeva-Maija from Heart of Chocolate participates in her first Nutella Day with Nutella Buns. Grazie, Eeva!
Babette from Babette Bakes swirls some Nutella into her Nutella Swirl Pound Cake. Grazie, Babette!
Anna from Just A Rough Draft shares her addiction to Addiction Cookies (aka Cherry, Chocolate, Nutella Cookies). Grazie, Anna!
World Nutella Day Breakfast Laura from Semper Fi Momma shares a her top 3 favorite Nutella desserts. Grazie, Laura!
Robin from The Unrepentant Carbivore admits the Internet is never wrong and makes a Nutella Bacon Sandwich. Grazie, Robin!
Domenica from Domenica Cooks sandwiches her Nutella between two cookies for Nutella butter sandwich cookies. Grazie, Domenica!
Nic from Cherrapeno tarts it up with Nutella Cookie Tarts. Grazie, Nic!
Katrina from Baking and Boys! makes two things with her Nutella Banana Oatmeal and Nutella Truffle Cookies. Grazie, Katrina!
Erin from The Olive Notes mixes it up with a Farmers Market Nutella Layer Cake. Grazie, Erin!
Umm from Taste Of Pearl City indulges in Nutella with her Nutella Cake Pops. Grazie, Umm!
Diana from Опитайте gets dark with her Homemade hazelnut cream “Black” Nutella. Grazie, Diana!
Sarah from Tickety Boo contributes Nutella Sandwich Cookies. Grazie, Sarah!
Rachael from La Fuji Mama meditates on Nutella and finds peace with her Chocolate Nutella Sandwich Cookies. Grazie, Rachael!
Cathy from Cathy’s Kitchen Journey wraps up some Nutella into her Nutella crescents. Grazie, Cathy!
Lisa from Anali’s First Amendment mounds her Nutella on her Homemade Nutella Mounds Bars. Grazie, Lisa!
Alyssa from Alyoops! makes a quick and easy mousse with her Easiest-Ever Nutella Mousse. Grazie, Alyssa!
Deborah from ThirtyCreativeStudio gets cool with her Yummy Nutella Ice Cream. Grazie, Deborah!
Beth from A Great Day To Make A Memory gets loco with her Coco Loco Nutella Rolls. Grazie, Beth!
Paula from Half Baked rolls Nutella into her Nutella Truffles. Grazie, Paula!
Jason from Ancient Fire Wine injects a little energy into his Cappuccino Muffins w/ Nutella Fluff Frosting. Grazie, Jason!
Sarah from The Smart Kitchen asks orange you glad it’s Nutella Day with her Orange-Hazelnut Nutella Brownies. Grazie, Sarah!
Donna from FoodPlanetBlog gets snacky with her Nutella Snack Mix. Grazie, Donna!
Wanda from Poppyseedsandtigerlilies dips fresh fruit into her Nutella dip. Grazie, Wanda!
Ellie from My Red Velvet makes cakes with Nutella and swiss meringue buttercream. Grazie, Ellie!
Kristin from The Social Baker gets steamy with Nutella Coconut Hot Chocolate. Grazie, Kristin!
Elaine from California Living smooches it up with her Chocolate-Nutella Smooches. Grazie, Elaine!
Johnna from 52 Sweets included Nutella in every meal on Nutella Day. Grazie, Johanna!
Fatiha from My French NY Nest roules it up with her Nutella Roule. Grazie, Fatiha!
Ramune from dunks her Nutella Dunkers into freshly opened Nutella. Grazie, Ramune!
Heather from Making Life Delicious tops off her Nutella Cream Pie with something special, Nutella! Grazie, Heather!
Chris from Mele Cotte fills up with her Nutella Ganache tarts. Grazie, Chris!
Marianne from runOfthemills topped her muffins with Nutella. Grazie, Marianne!
Kirbie from Kirbie’s Cravings updates an old classic with Banana Nutella bread. Grazie, Kirbie!
Shannon from Adventures in Food gets creamy in her Nutella risotto. Grazie, Shannon!
Grapefruit from Needful Things starts the day off right with Nutella French Toast. Grazie, Grapefruit!
Marika from Strawberry/Maasikas makes Nutella granola with a crunch. Grazie, Marika!
Magpie from Magpie’s Recipes makes everyone happy with her Nutella Brownies. Grazie, Magpie!
Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves baked up Nutella fudge brownies. Grazie, Mel!
Jen from Eating Clean Recipes bites with her Chocolate Hazelnut Bark. Grazie, Jen!
Melissa from Diario di una Matta makes a Nutella pizza in the form of a heart (in Italian). Grazie, Melissa!
Sheryl from crispy waffle tries to cure her sickness with Creme fraiche ice cream with Nutella. Grazie, Sheryl!
Heather from Food, travel and fun with an uptowngal tops her Strawberry Cupcakes with Nutella. Grazie, Heather!
Elizabeth from cucina girl hugs Nutella in her Abbracci Nutella sandwich cookies. Grazie, Elizabeth!
Deeba from Passionate About Baking puffs up with her Nutella Strawberry Puff Pastry Hearts. Grazie, Deeba!
Marla from Bella Baita View gets crumbly with her Nutella Crumb Crostata. Grazie, Marla!
Mya from Elbows on my windowsill creates a Nutella calling card with her Nutella greeting card. Grazie, Mya!
Azura from The Hyperbolic Gallivanter stacks up bite-size mini pancakes and sandwiches Nutella between them. Grazie, Azura!
Lise from Kage! Kage! Kage!takes Nutella to a green place with her homemade Pistachio Nutella (in Danish). Grazie, Lise!
Yummy Chunklet makes White Chocolate Mousse & Nutella Tartlets. Grazie!

Check out the last four years of World Nutella Days for more inspiration:

Thanks to everyone, see you next year!

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  1. says

    WOW… what an amazing lot of entries. So much Nutella fun happening here, and so much to bookmark! Thanks for hosting this Michelle & Sara!

  2. says

    You did an amazing job rounding up all these wonderful Nutella posts!! Thank you Sara and Michelle for another year of spreadable goodness.

    Sticky hugs,
    Eleonora xx

  3. says

    Sara and Michelle , gurls u both rock , first of all to begin the world Nutella day and secondly to put up soo biggg round up every year!
    This is my first time @ Nutella day and am i thrilled to be here, i wanted it to be 7 recipes and have a round up of them on my blog too :-)maybe next year.
    And thats a whole world of the most fantastic Nutella recipes!!
    Thannxxx a bunch and with lodsa Nutella love and hugs…
    Hay hay , its Nutella day:-)

  4. Nazareth says

    Oh Wow! I need Nutella now!
    Those look and sound wonderful.
    I think I was drooling at my desk scrolling through the pictures!
    I’ll have to pick a few to try.

  5. says

    How can I go have my salad for lunch when I’ve seen this tempting round-up? I’m off to buy Nutella. And I’m annoyed at myself for not participating this year. Hope you continue the tradition next year.

  6. Rose in Cali says

    I love how so many of the recipes used homemade Nutella! I am will definitely try making my own batch. Maybe I’ll have an entry by next year.

  7. says

    I made Nutella muffins on Friday evening and ate them on Saturday without even knowing it was Nutella. I was just getting ready to post about them tomorrow. Very weird coincidence. I must have felt your vibe. Ciao!

  8. says

    I always love looking at these round-ups. People are so creative (and make me feel less bad for skiving off my “diet” for the sake of Nutella, LOL!). I tried to submit something, but must have gotten the e-mail address wrong since the message bounced. Well, there’s always next year.
    Thank you Sara and Michelle for all the hard work you put into pulling this event off so fabulously =).


  9. mlaiuppa says

    I’d love to use nutella but the last time I checked the ingredients here in the U.S. it has high fructose corn syrup in it. I don’t eat HFCS.

  10. says

    In my humble opinion, my family’s business imports the best chocolate spread ever, from Baratti & Milano, called Crema di Nocciole which uses the well known Italian hazelnuts from Piemonte. It is amazingly smooth and delicious and not too sweet or fake tasting. Everyone from kids to celebrity chefs have tried it and love it!!

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