Some Notes & Winner of Passports with Purpose Giveaway

Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Mumbai - Bombay, India

Thanks to everyone who Tweeted, shared on FB and supported Passports with Purpose. It means a lot to me, and even more I know to who will receive the aid.

If you haven’t spread the word, or donated, you won’t win the gift certificate I was offering, but you still have time to participate! Visit Passports with Purpose.

As for the winner of the USD$25 gift certificate, according to my random number generator:

is Erin, from Olive Notes. Contact me with your details!


I just got back from a trip to Edinburgh (3 years after my first trip to Scotland & Edinburgh), enduring some of the coldest weather I’ve felt in some time, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Nothing like a snow covering to make everything glittery, and a Christmas fair and a Ferris wheel don’t hurt, either. I can’t wait to share some pictures with you.


I couldn’t help myself – I started a new sub-blog right here on this domain, called “What I See….at Ms. Adventures in ItalyIt isn’t all Pretty – beyond Food & Photography” – you won’t find beautiful food & travel photography there, nor recipes. You will still get a eyeful of things I see and do in my life here in Italy, things I haven’t felt right to share on this blog. I kept it separate in case you’re fine with just recipes, food & travel :).

There’s a different RSS feed, and email subscriptions are available for those posts, too!

A hoodie mullet, Ms. George Clooney and the dirtiest toilet seat are some of the first posts.

This blog will keep going strong – I have several posts ready to go, just in time for the holidays, and of course Edinburgh is waiting, too!


I finally have a Christmas tree! Though I normally don’t spend my holidays in my apartment, I wanted a tree this year. I’ll post pictures soon.

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