A Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo at Castello di Septe

If you want to feel like a princess, why not have your reception at a castle? Luckily the ceremony was early enough that when we arrived, we could still enjoy a few hours of daylight around the castle’s grounds and pool. I’ve been to a few weddings where the reception took place in a beautiful location but because of the timing and it being so late, the guests didn’t even see the grounds.  [Read part 1 of the Pugliese Wedding in Abruzzo]

Castello di Septe - Sette at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

The view from the terrace of Castel di Sette / Septe. At my back was the large pool which served as a great blue background for some family portraits I took before the light went away.

The view at the reception at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

My favorite plate at the entire wedding – lovely bursting-to-full and creamy burrata and fresh ricottine, small ricotta.

Burrata, mozzarella, and fresh ricotta at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

A spread of mixed salumi, cold cuts and their accompanying cheeses.

Salame (dolce e piccante), Soppressata, and other cheeses at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

And what did my antipasto plate look like at the end? Piled high full of stuffed calamari rings which were probably my favorite dish of the entire night, with creamy burrata, a torta salatasavoury torte with spinach, and lots more cheese and of course my beloved salame piccante – spicy salami.

Stuffed calamari, torta salata and cheeses at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

More views of the seafood buffet at the reception.

Seafood buffet at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

I love it when the tables are already set for our arrival. These tables were set for the sit-down part of the dinner, which was away from the pool and its various appetizer and dessert buffets.

Tables set for a reception at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

The two primi, pasta dishes for the sit-down portion of the dinner – did you really think the antipasto buffet was enough? On the left, pasta al ferro con codine di scampi, calamaretti, vongole veraci e punte di asparagi – pasta with scampi tails, calamari, clams and asparagus heads; and on the right, chitarrina di pasta fresca con polpa di astice e pomodorini mediterranei spadellati – fresh pasta with lobster and peeled tomatoes.

I don’t have a picture of the secondo, meat/fish course, which was spigola di lenza in crosta di sale – bass in a salt crust, which was actually a welcome, lighter dish than a meat-heavy dish that I would have probably had to leave. Waiters walked around with large dishes of any of the pasta dishes if you wanted seconds, thirds, or fourths. And some partook!

Two pasta first courses at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

The dessert buffet was full of little desserts, much like the Sicilian wedding dessert buffet I was at a few years ago, and a lot of fresh fruit which was more welcome to me after eating so much before dessert.

The dessert buffet at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

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  1. says

    Hello from Frog Hollow Farm. I don’t know what’s more magical and inviting, the beautiful grounds where the wedding was held or the photos of the food served at the reception! Just lovely, and delicious! Thanks for sharing. Ciao, bella!

  2. Denise says

    Food Porn is right :) What I would have given to be surrounded by all that beauty and delicious food!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. SMS says

    Stop, stop, it’s too much! I’ve just returned to the UK after a wonderful exploration in Tuscany by bike; and I’d rather like to go back there.

  4. cheska says

    oh my! I so love the venue. The bride will surely feel like a princess in a venue like that. Awwww… Now I wish we have castles here so I can have my wedding there. and the food oh my! One word….Lovely! :)

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