A Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo, Italy

Another summer has passed by, and another wedding has gone by, too. This wedding was S’ cousin and it was an intercultural marriage, in that she is Pugliese and he is Abruzzese. :) The wedding had strong Pugliese influences, but took place in the Abruzzo region which was nice because it meant I got to see a different part of the Italian countryside in the summer.

The church was beautiful and had a great view. We could see clear down the Abruzzo coast to Puglia. Well, almost. :)

View from the church, Abruzzo coast, Italy

I love the way light plays in a church, especially in the late afternoon. Some of my favorite pictures come from the golden hour in churches.

Light and dark at an Italian wedding

Here are the bride and groom at the wedding – the church was stunning but with the staircase in between them and most of the spectators you did feel a bit removed from the scene.

Bride and groom at an Italian wedding

But who are we kidding? On to the wedding feast!

As the years go by, I definitely enjoy going to weddings, and the more extravagant they are, the happier I am that I am just a guest and not paying for the cost of the wedding myself.

I have seen carved watermelons abound at weddings in the past few years – first at my friend’s wedding in India, and then at a wedding a few years ago in Sicily. Have you seen carved watermelons at a wedding recently? Do share.

Carved watermelons at an Italian wedding

The wedding feast started off with an aperitivo, a pre-dinner drink and a massive antipasti buffet. Here are some of my favorites.

I never appreciated the noble polipo, octopus, as much as I do now that I live in Italy. One of my favorite dishes is grilled octopus and this is a close favorite – insalata di mare, seafood salad, with marinated octopus taking center stage as the main ingredient. It’s usually served cold.

Insalata di mara - octopus salad at an Italian wedding

Scampi, prawns with claws, set out on a plate. I normally roll up my sleeves and get a nut cracker out when presented with such a plate, but when dressed in wedding finery I thought it best to pass on such labor-intensive food.

Scampi, prawns with claws, at an Italian wedding

Again, one of my favorite snacks – Grana Padano cheese chunked up and waiting to be speared with your toothpick. I brought a large slice of Parmigiano Reggiano to the US for a meetup with my colleagues recently and I used a knife to chunk up the cheese similarly in this manner. A few of them weren’t sure how to eat it, as they had been exposed to parmigiano only by grating it over pasta. Tsk! :) I told them what they were missing and that they needed those grainy crystals full of flavor and to eat a few chunks of the cheese like this before their meal.

Grana Padana cheese at an Italian wedding

A most extravagant display of aragosta, lobster, and quite delicious as well, though I tend to prefer crab to lobster. I did ask myself what they were going to do with all those lobsters just hanging out on the sides of the platter.

Lobster, aragosta at an Italian wedding

Salmone affumicato, smoked salmon, just waiting to be sliced and carried away.

Smoked salmon, salmone affumicato, at an Italian wedding

I think alice, anchovies, have gotten a bit of a bad rap from the portrayal of them as smelly fish to be avoided on pizzas and other dishes. Raw, marinated and filleted anchovies are actually delicious and should be tried in a little olive oil and lemon juice, and perhaps with more, blackberries, too. Yum!

Raw, marinated anchovies at an Italian wedding

You didn’t think I could get all the pictures from this wedding into one post, did you? I didn’t think so.

Next up…eating a wedding feast at a castle with a pool, burrata everywhere and the primi, pasta plates at the dinner!

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  1. says

    Hello Eleonora! This looks like such a fabulous day – and the food – OMG I wish I could jump right into the screen and try it all. I can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding photos – getting married in Italy, so romantic…and delicious! Ciao, bella.

  2. says

    Hi there…love your blog about the wedding…gorgeous, delicious! (I don’t really like seafood much but it all looked so tempting! haha)
    I found your blog by googling ‘blogging in Italy’ as I’m a blogger from NZ (more about craft,family and food!) but my husband and I hope to spend some time living in Italy in 2012…and are particularly interested in the Abruzzo region! So I was thrilled to find ONE blogging address..and it was yours talking about Puglia and Abruzzo!! Look forward to reading more of your blogs…and maybe learning a little about Italy on the way!
    thanks for sharing..
    ciao bella!
    jessie, nelson, New Zealand

  3. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    Being at a wedding is a big dilemma – you are dressed nice, probably squeezing into a dress to look good, and there’s all this food that tempts you to second, thirds, even fourth portions. What to do?? :)

  4. mia says

    I love your blog and your story of all you’ve done. Your photography is beautiful. My only qualm is there is so much going on on your blog in regards to ads and other *crap* it makes it difficult to read and want to stay on it. (You don’t have to publish my comment, obviously, but thought you’d be interested to hear…) I like a clean looking blog.

  5. says

    Visiting your blog makes me want to see Italy so bad. All the wonderful sights and especially the food is something to look forward to.

    Great photos BTW!

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