Introducing Ferrero Pocket Espresso to Go: the summer Pocket Coffee

I posted about my love for Pocket Coffee – real liquid espresso inside dark chocolate, and while it seems like this post is following soon on the heels of the other post, I had been sitting on that photo for more than a year (bad Sara). So, when I finally posted it, a chain of events occurred that can only be considered destiny:

My friend Nicole (her blog Zoomata has interesting and wacky Italian news) asked me if I had tried the summer version of Pocket Coffee. And not only that, but she had one in her possession to share with me.

Summer version of Pocket Coffee?? Yes, Pocket Coffee has a summer brother and thy name is Pocket Espresso to Go!

I pride myself as being a pretty curious person, especially when it comes to food – I often wander the aisles of local supermarkets when I travel, even within Italy, to see what regional and local differences there are in selection. So the fact that I hadn’t heard of or seen this summer version was indeed news to me.

I was then introduced to a friend working for Ferrero who agreed to bring me some of the Pocket Espresso to Go for my very own.


Pocket Espresso to Go has only been released in a few select markets throughout Italy (and only a few stores in those cities – I still haven’t seen it in Milan, but found it in Puglia) and only has an Italian product page for now. I found mention of them “in the wild” as early as last summer (including a post on the Food Section), but I’d never seen them before.

There’s a lot of potential in those little packages, especially when you realize they aren’t susceptible to the hot weather like the original Pocket Coffee. And I’m going to be giving some to you!! (Giveaway instructions below)

But first, let’s meet Pocket Espresso. These little containers are a liquid mix of the original Pocket Coffee : real espresso and dark chocolate. The flavor of Pocket Espresso isn’t a big surprise – it tastes like a melted Pocket Coffee, though some claim the chocolate flavor isn’t as strong.

It works for me.

Just like regular Pocket Coffee, each piece has 1/3 the caffeine of a regular cup of espresso. And, in case anyone was wondering, they are only 47 calories with 1 gram of fat! That’s a snack I could grow to love.

A box of Pocket Espresso to Go - the summer version of Pocket Coffee

Perhaps the most genius part of Pocket Espresso is the packaging. They are made to look very similar to the original Pocket Coffee, but they are slightly larger.

Isn’t it cute?? Yes, that’s a little straw there. It’s cute. It makes me happy. I brought a box to work and we had a lot of fun sipping from our little straws while everyone else was drinking regular espresso around the coffee machine. There’s something about sipping from a tiny container with a little straw that ensures no one will keep a straight face. Try it in your next board room meeting, or instead of sipping water during a speech, or even better, next to your friends chugging back those gallon-size coffee drinks. Definitely a conversation starter.

You can drink them directly from the box, but I put a few in the fridge for when it’s really hot and I want something a little more refreshing – they are good!

Pocket Espresso to go  - the Pocket Coffee summer version!

My Ferrero contact wasn’t able to tell me when or how quickly they might be available in other countries outside of Italy (or throughout Italy, for that matter) but hopefully we can make some noise to encourage them to hurry up! I’m running out of my personal stash!

Pocket Espresso to Go Giveaway

I’m giving away two 3-packs of Pocket Espresso to Go. You get two chances to enter – and I’ll be picking one winner from each method of entering! I’ll accept entries until midnight, Pacific time (GMT -8) on Friday, June 12th.

  1. Comment here and tell me what your favorite summer drink is. What refreshing drink do you look forward to in hot weather?? (Note: I have comment moderation turned on due to high spam, so please don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear immediately)
  2. Tweet about the giveaway (I’m on Twitter: @rosso) and include two things in the Tweet: 1) the URL to this post and 2) my id @rosso – that’s also how I’ll keep track of who’s entering. If you prefer not to be creative on your own, you can Tweet this with the short URL ( already provided : “Win some new Pocket Espresso to Go (summer Pocket Coffee) from @rosso

PS: Did you know Ms. Adventures in Italy has a Facebook Fan Page, too? Become a fan!

Disclosure: While I did receive a few packages of Pocket Espresso from my Ferrero contact, it was done as a personal favor through our mutual friend, and he did not ask me to write about Pocket Espresso or give them away. So I’m not! The packages I’m giving away are ones that I bought with my own money down in Puglia. Enjoy!

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  1. says

    I don’t drink so much coffee during the summer, I prefer coke (my fave) and juices ;)

    However I’m giving a try for the giveaway :P

  2. says

    Altho I’m a chocolate person, coffee is NOT one of my passions! I would LOVE to find these new treats for everyone else tho – what a great gift these would be for our friends we’ve introduced to Pocket Coffee!

  3. Sarah Joy says

    I always have my coffee in the morning. In the summer I drink more iced tea than iced coffee, but summer is the only time I’ll drink iced coffee.

  4. SMS says

    First choice lemon pressé, second perhaps a delicate pineapple juice with coconut milk…then some more!
    But I’d love to try those Pocket Espresso to Go and the originals…mail import is a little prohibitive.

  5. says

    My fav summer drink without a doubt would be Tropical Iceberg from’ Cafe Coffee Day’- It’s a very cold coffee served on the rocks! Yum!

  6. says

    I fell in love with Café Frappé in Greece. Although it has a French name, it’s iced coffee with strong, spray-dried instant coffee. It has been copied by many cultures, but it’s just not the same as in Greece :)

  7. Jill says

    In the summer I can’t drink enough centrifughe, fresh-squeezed juices. My favorite combination is apple, orange and fennel/carrot! With a cube of ice they are especially refreshing. I have seen these pocket espressos but have not tried them yet!

  8. says

    iced espresso in the morning (the only time of year it’s acceptable to pour it over ice). I also look forward to drinking Bug Juice (iced tea, a little lemon aid, and mint) on hot summer evenings.

  9. Chris says

    I’m a tea drinker in summer. I love an Arnold Palmer (tea and lemonade mixed 50/50). It’s my drink of choice almost all summer long.

  10. says

    These look SO good..and interesting. I love the cute little straw too. I’m so curious though of how big they are (there’s no hand in the photo to judge by).

    :( I’m not on twitter or I would tweet too.

  11. kaiti says

    my favorite summer drink would have to be either strawberry lemonade (YUM!) or virgin pina colada….or iced vanilla latte….so many to choose from! but those pocket espresso’s look fantastic!

  12. says

    I’m not going to say how I feel about this, because you already know.

    Okay, I will: It’s the best news I’ve heard all summer!

    (And summer isn’t even here yet…)

  13. Taylor says

    I absolutely adore a float of lemonade and either strawberry or raspberry sorbet. Super refreshing, cold, and very satisfying! For added fun, it looks really pretty!

  14. says

    I keep waiting for the hot weather to begin, but nothing but cold and rain here! But once it is warm I’ll be alternating between Ice espresso with a dollop of chocolate syrup (daytime) and a Burgundy Rose at night! Come on Summer!

  15. Jax says

    My favorite summer bev is a WI only brew by New Glarus called Totally Naked. They are best known and loved for their Spotted Cow ale.

  16. Mina says

    I have to say my favorite is the classic Japanese “Ramune” soda. It comes in a bottle with a marble as a top and is SO refreshing! It’s not quite the same as soda here in the US. It’s too bad street vendors don’t sell it like they used to in Japan.

  17. says

    I am absolutely fascinated by this product–what a unique idea!

    My favorite summer drinks are ice-cold Coca Cola and iced coffee.

  18. says

    I can’t wait for summer and the frozen drinks that go with it! I love an iced passion fruit drink as well as iced coffee- more like a granita.

  19. Erica says

    What a great giveaway! I first tried Pocket Coffee when I visited Italy two years ago, and I fell in love – this would be amazing!

    My favorite summer drink is iced coffee – I usually start drinking it in March in hopes that it will bring warm weather sooner!

  20. Russell H says

    Alabama Slammers with fresh squeezed orange juice, sloe gin, southern comfort, and just a bit of vodka. Delicious

  21. kayenne says

    my favorite summer drink would be fresh coconut juice… straight from the shell – sometimes, right from the tree itself! afterwhich… never forget to scrape off the meat inside!

    there’s something to be said about living in a tropical country… despite the lack of pocket coffee, inexpensive cherries and plums…

  22. Kristin says

    Oh my, those look like so much fun! I only wish US companies were as clever as the Italians in their packaging. My favorite summer drinks are iced coffees in the afternoon, and some nice local beers – usually an IPA from Magic Hat or Smuttynose, but I’ll try anything that looks cool.

  23. says

    wow, what a cute idea! I am SO curious as to what these taste like. I had to laugh at the thought of being in a meeting and everyone sipping their pocket coffees through little straws!

    My favorite summertime drink is an iced americano with a little cream :)

  24. says

    My favorite summer drink is either pink lemonade or iced tea, hot tea during the colder months. I’d like to try the espresso or give as a gift to one of my cousins or friends.

  25. says

    My favourite summer drink is also a very simple one. My parents emigrated to England from India and with them they bought some traditions and recipes.
    One of my favourites is lassi – a simple drink based on natural yoghurt.
    At it’s most basic it’s simply a blend of natural yoghurt, a little water to thin it down and either salt or sugar according to your preference.
    Some like to add fruit, making it more of a smoothie, but I’m a purist and prefer mine plain.
    It’s so refreshing, especially when served ice cold and is a wonderful foil to so many spicy foods, not just Indian.

  26. Elizabeth says

    Vanilla/orange creamsicles! Sure, lots of people like the frozen treat on a stick but I looove having a glass with cold orange soda and 1-2 [or more, ha] scoops of good vanilla ice cream in it and sipping it up with a straw. Makes me feel like a kid again and it’s yummy!

  27. says

    I am an ESPRESSO addict! I drink even right before bed – no problems sleeping – and in summer it is delightfully refresshing over ice!
    You have been tweeted!

  28. Michele says

    My husband would so love to have espressos to go! Some of my favorite summer drinks are iced coffee – lots of ice and a bit of milk – iced Earl Grey tea, and, of course, sangria. Grazie bella.

  29. Jan says

    Usually it’s iced tea with lemon – but this year it’s iced tea with my first batch of home-made limoncello. So good!

    Just bought some Pocket Coffee’s at the local Italian store. Hope to see Pocket Espresso’s there in the not too distant future!

  30. Tabinda says

    woww what a cool product! Im currently loving the starbucks doubleshot espresso drinks, but I can see myself moving on to these when they become available here.

    My favorite summer drink is a mango shake. Nothing really hits the spot like cold mango

  31. says

    Those are so freakin’ adorable I can’t stand it!

    Are they really only available in the summer?
    Just bought tickets to Rome for October and I’ll have to look when I’m there.

    Are you familiar with Pinwheel cookies? Those are only available in the US in the winter because their chocolate coating would melt.

    Oh yeah, my favorite summer drink in home made lemonade from the lemons on my Meyer Lemon tree.

  32. Katie says

    That has to be the cutest packaging ever!! I love my long island iced teas but for some reason it hasn’t been that hot –or even sunny enough –for me to enjoy a few!!

  33. says

    Ooooh, never heard of this! Top five faves are:
    1. Passionfruit Agua Fresca with lime& pineapple sage
    2. Fresh Thai Lemon& Ginger Iced Tea with ginger mint
    3. Lychee Lemonade
    4. Peach Iced Tea with peach nectar, fresh raspberries and sliced peaches & lemon basil
    5. Cucumber, Watermelon&Lime Cool H2o

  34. says

    In Italy, it would be peach juice or a granita. In the US iced tea or lemonade.

    Cute summer pocket coffee boxes. I can just picture everyone in an important meeting sipping on these :)

  35. ryex says

    my drink is a frozen banana-pineapple espress0 :)
    and the pockets r amazing… my parents are obliged to bring me packets of pockets ;) every summer… Italy is their favorite resort.

  36. says

    Thanks for offering this great give-away!

    Last summer I lived on iced French pink lemonade from Fresh and Easy or blood orange Italian soda from Trader Joe’s. I don’t know what I’ll do this summer in Switzerland – perhaps Chinotto…

  37. ryeaxl says

    my drink is a frozen banana-pineapple espress0 :)
    and the pockets r amazing… my parents are obliged to bring me packets of pockets ;) every summer… Italy is their favorite resort.

    (Sorry for the double post, but i used the wrong twitter username before ;(

  38. Carla says

    I love a cold, refreshing bottle of Brasilena (bibita al caffè) during the hot summer. (And I can actually have it here in Boston!) :) Hence my desire to win this pocket espresso!!

  39. jen says

    Nothing ever beats a cold glass of presecco with white peach puree (from white peaches you have just picked moments before)…heaven in a glass…

  40. says

    Dude, check out your comments. Love it. I think you set one of these aside for me, didn’t you???

    My summer drink is OUZO with a couple icecubes and a bit of water…. ahhhh… GREECE!! Will be so missing Patmos this year.

  41. lieludalis says

    ooh, chocolate espresso…yea!

    Favorite summer drink would have to be fresh lemonade with a little mint from the garden. So easy to make and so refreshing (also great w/a splash of coconut rum)!

  42. Heather W says

    My favorite drink in the Summer has to be sangria – white or red, with oranges and lemons or peaches and grapes, I like all kinds.
    To pick a non-alcholic drink, I would have to say its a mix of my own: half Cranberry juice, half orange juice, and a splash of soda water or sprite.

  43. Jessica says

    I love agua de fresa (strawberry) in the summer – it is so refreshing on a hot day, and super easy to make. I used to live in the San Francisco area and I also loved a slushie coffee drink called Teapuccino from L Amyx which was a frozen blended mix that includes black tea and espresso, and I think also ice cream.

    I just got back from Italy. I was sad that I was not going to get a chance to try Pocket Coffee after I read about it on your site, but then I saw this Pocket Espresso to go. I mistakenly thought it must be widely available so I bought one package and then had a hard time finding more later. It was the most elusive thing, and so magically delicious! Thanks for the chance to possibly score more! Whoever wins is in for a treat.

  44. beth says

    my “go-to” drink for summertime seems to be, inevitable with three kids, I suppose, but it is Kool-Aid.

    especially the blue flavors.

  45. connie says

    My most favorite drink as a child growing up in Italy- Calabria, was Latte di Mandorla or Orzata mixed with very cold iced water. Would enjoy it now, but cannot always find it in the US. YUM>>

  46. says

    Hi Sara!
    First let me tell you, I’m SOOOO happy to finally being able to read your blog (I’m not longer in Shanghai). I will become a regular :-)

    Now, my drink choices (this is so difficult, I have so many!!).
    1. homemade*frappe* coffee, my recipe: 1 shoot of double esspreso, 1 teaspoon of sugar, lots of ice and 1/2 cup of skimmed milk. All mix on the blender, it works wonders to cool yourself on those hot days.
    2. Mexican aguas frescas: horchata (rice) jamaica (hibiscus flower) tamarind, lemon&chia and tepache (pinneaple)
    3. alcoholic choices: an icy cold corona beer (works best next to the beach!) but a mojito or caipirhina works as well.

  47. Gina F says

    Hi, nice candy!! Love to drink beer in the summer! Hahaha,well I’m not a drunk but the warm weather just makes feel like, I’m in a beach and that I need a beer! Thanks for sharing…Gina F

  48. Rachel says

    Oooh, there are so many drinks I love, despite the fact the sun is somewhat limited in England… If I’m being healthy then it’s chilled mugicha (barley tea) but if not; a nice tall glass of Sangria. Cheap red wine, lemonade, a little vodka, and a ton of fruit. Refreshing, good for social occasions and full of summer flavour. :)

  49. pink bowl says

    LOVE an coffee in the summer time made Americano style with a squeeze of top quality chocolate syrup (monin is wonderful!) topped with a splooge of whipped cream.. the real stuff! If you’re gonna have something good, have it real good, least I always say…

  50. pink bowl says

    Iced! I left out the word ICED! I love an ICED coffee in the summer…. sorry bout that.. where is the edit button?

  51. J.Doe says

    I guess I’m too late for the giveaway. Congrats to the lucky winner. I LOVE pocket coffee. Lucky for you in Italy that they now sell it in the summer. I never understood why it wasn’t since I drink hot espresso all year round.-
    In the summer I’ve taken to drinking ice tea – homemade cuz the mixes are filled with chemical I can’t even pronounce-let alone want to consume.
    I only wish (fortamente) it was sold in the US. Ferrero Rocher is in NJ (like me) but they don’t sell Pocket Cffee. I don’t know why.

  52. terry says

    I just bought some of this during my visit to italy last week. Was trying to use up some coins at the airport, they are delicious. These are now my new favorite drink. I only wish i had a lot of them.

    Is there somewhere to order these online?

  53. Michelle says

    Ah, Canada! You have to come here, girls, and try Timmy’s fantastic Iced Capp (Iced Cappuccino). “Timmy’s” is our nickname for Tim Horton’s, the national equivalent (but better) of Starbuck’s. This is my favourite cool treat that we may choose to be made with real cream, chocolate, or 2% milk. Then we get to add a flavour: French Vanilla, Butter Caramel, Hazel Nut or Mint. Great stuff on a hot July day! (But now you have me terribly curious about Pocket Coffees and Pocket Espressos.)

  54. says

    As much as I love coffee drinks year round, my favorite summer drink is the Arnold Palmer, half iced tea and half lemonade. While there is very little that could improve this great refreshing drink, I have found that a nice unsweetened black iced tea paired with a bubbly limonata drink is just the best. Wow, just talking about it makes me want to go mix one up. I am tickled to hear about the Pocket Espresso to go. Thanks for sharing here and sharing with some lucky people. I fell in love with Pocket Coffee a few years ago during a visit to Italy. And make unsuspecting friends buy me a bunch of these when in Italy. Sadly they all seem to fall in love with them too, so there is always less for me.

  55. dan says

    I just got back from a trip to Italy and grabbed some while in Rome. I didn’t realize they were relatively new. After enjoying them in Rome, I bought a few packs to bring home. YUM!

  56. antoinette says

    hi! i am having a bridal shower and my theme is espresso. i saw these and was wondering where i can buy them? my cousin brought some from Italy but i would like to buy a bulk of them. can anyone help me? i live in California any websites i can get them from?

  57. Stacy says

    My husband just told me about these. He was in the break room and a coworker had one. Said he got them in Italy. I’ve had the self heating to go coffees where activate the can and its hot in about 5mins or so but this sounds great I cant wait to have some !!!!!!!!!

  58. JACKIE GOFF says

    I have tried both the products, and I simply cannot find the little Espresso to Go anywhere in the states. I had some in Barcelona, Spain in August…have you any information currently on the espresso to go? I just received a shipment of the coffee candy, but it’s not as much fun as the tiny straws. JG

  59. says

    Huge fan of these. I found your site trying to determine the caffeine content of these little boxes. I went to Italy for the entire month of Oct 09 and without these I would not have been able to drive the family all over the countryside after losing sleep in ice cold rooms. Hotels run on heating oil and first week they had a cold snap. NO HEAT for several days. Cheers.

  60. Jamie says

    On a hot summer day in rome pocket espresso was my best friend, When i came back home to the states, i only find my self longing for it! and no where to find it!
    Oh how i miss my pocket espresso friend!

  61. Rhonda says

    I was lucky to try the Pocket Espresso’s last year while in Italy. They are super addictive and my Italian friend sent me some more for Christmas.

    Favorite summer drink is a Pocket Espresso out of the glove box on a hot summer day. It is a perfect temperature.

    Please give these to someone that hasn’t had them. Hopefully their fame will spread and I’ll be able to buy them here.

  62. Cristina says

    my mum just got back from visiting all of our family in sardegna today, and she brought me back a box of the new pocket espressos, i just had my first one and can’t see the rest lasting very long! :)

  63. Tahli says

    Oh wow, I found these in Nice in the south of france last year.
    Do you have any idea where I can buy these, do they still make them? I would love to buy in bulk as I generally rely on coffee to stay alive.
    Please let me know if you have any info!!!!!!
    Would be so so so appreciated
    Thankyou…. T

  64. Leah says

    oooh! I just got back from Italy and my favorite little find was Pocket Espresso to go! I only brought 1 package back, and was googling to find out if I could get them online and I found your blog. Any news on getting them in the US?

  65. Sherv says

    I live in Beverly Hills, california and I tired the Ferrero Rocher pocket espresso shot, around mid June for the fisrt time in Italy, it is just amzing and me and my friends can’t get over it ! Please let me know when it is in the market.
    My summer drink is Arizona green tea with Honey and ginseng…

  66. says

    Just come back from a holiday in Amalfi and discovered this little gem, brought back a few packs – anyone aware of any progress with a UK distributor, these are seriously delicious!

  67. Tamara says

    I found them while I was in Rome in June! What a treasure! I am hoping to find them in the States! I am hoarding my few remaining boxes. I tried to buy a *cough* few boxes before I left Firenza (Florence) But, though the store had them behind the counter, they “didn’t have a license to sell them”??!!! I was crushed.

  68. DanielaL says

    I have the smilar problem like you – it is still not available in my born country Bulgaria. My mother was working there and have sent me this cute packs of coffee with straws, I was amazed but still can’t find a distributer for this stuff here. I feel sad:( Your blog is wonderful, especially the Italy part. Go on like this:) *THIMBS UP*

  69. Linda Millard says

    OMG I Can’t believe someone has heard of this. I was in Itay this past June with my family and bought the Pocket Espresso to Go on a whim and it was amazing. We only have two little shots left and have not wanted to drink them. I was bored tonight and decided to goggle this. I NEED MORE!!! Soon!

  70. Sam says

    Can’t believe I found your blog about this- how awesome are these things? You are very right, definitely a conversation starter when I sip one before class! Tried looking online, couldn’t find them, didn’t know they were only a summertime thing, that’s interesting. I support these and gave some to my classmates and they asked me to get more but no idea where/how. Do you know?
    Keep up the good writing!

  71. Di says

    Iced coffee or cranberry seltzer. Iced coffee is always the winner though.

    I tried this version last year which I miraculously found in a US shop and was absolutely floored. Love, love, love it. I try to stock up but haven’t been very successful in finding it lately.

    I’m game for trying to win though.

    I love your blog, keep up the great work. If you find out where they will outsource to, please let us know. I’m sure they will have a run on orders.

    Mille grazie!

  72. Linda says

    I just Googled to find the Pocket Coffee’s…and after reading your page…looks like a found a new love in Espresso. I was just in Italy January of this year.
    Expresso in Italy…amazing! Now where do I find these
    Pocket Espresso to Go?

  73. says

    I love how so you can get summer and winter versions of so many Italian products, such a good idea!
    My favourite summer drink is watermelon lemonade from Smitten Kitchen; it’s awesomeness in a glass.

  74. HeatherB says

    Mmmmmmmm! I always love a Coke over crushed ice with a lime wedge. But, I would never turn down a little espresso shot ;)

  75. pauline says

    is it supposed to be that sweet? because this is my first time drinking pocket espresso to go and im really confused on how to drink it.

    • Ms. Adventures in Italy says

      @Pauline, yes, it’s coffee and chocolate! It’s definitely supposed to be that sweet.

  76. says

    I am such a big fan of these… discovered them in Italy at a gas station on the west coast and wished I hadn’t given away one of the last ones to relatives in France who could buy more if they pleased.. I just thought that they had to try this mind blowing beverage/chocolate! I keep hunting and waiting for them to start wider distribution to Canada… soo good! North Americans would flip for these!

  77. Steve says

    My favorite summer drink would be freshly squeezed lemonade. I use real lemons, real sugar and water. Cold!

  78. QueenG says

    As a rule, I love sparkling water as a cooling beverage but I drink strong coffee throughout the day year round. A colleague at work last week let me taste one of these delicious little pockets of pleasure and since then I’ve done nothing but surf the next to try and find them. I unfortunately purchase Ferrero pockt coffee espresso from Amazon but it turned out to be chocolates instead of the lovely drink I tasted earlier.

  79. pullmyzipper says

    After returning from Italy just over a week ago, our trip started in Sicily and ended in Rome. We found this item all along the Autostrasse from Calabra to Rome in the very nice restroom/restaurant/gas for the car, that sort of place. It sounds like the best chance to find the Espresso To Go

  80. pullmyzipper says

    After returning from Italy just over a week ago, our trip started in Sicily and ended in Rome. We found this item all along the Autostrasse from Calabra to Rome in the very nice restroom/restaurant/gas for the car. We might call them rest areas. It sounds like the best chance to find the Pocket Espresso To Go is in the Bella southern regions…good luck and send some this way!

  81. finnish travelers says

    I also bought these (the whole stand) :O from the autogrill. The sales person might have thinked that I’m crazy (I didn’t care). It was in last summer when me and my gf visited the lake garda.
    I also can’t find any online sellers with this in stock. All of them say SOLD OUT.
    What I can say about this product is that I LOVE It(aly). It tasted sweet and coffee enought to beat any other coffee tasting product.

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