A Wedding in Sicily and a Sicilian Food Feast!

Last year when we made another trip back to Sicily, it was to see two of our good friends get married. After 16 years together, we knew that the wedding would be a relaxing affair surrounded by friends and family…and lots and lots of food.

One day I’ll post some pictures of the actual wedding, but for now, I thought I’d share some pictures of the food. I mean, because let’s be honest, you’re just here for the food porn, right?

L’Agora di Segesta where they had the reception had a lovely view of the Segesta Greek ruins just on the other hill. We got there late enough that I only got one picture of the ruins before it was too dark.

The view of Segesta Greek Ruins from a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

They had a buffet di antipasti, a big buffet of appetizers outside while the sun went down. There were trays of bresaola with shreds of parmigiano and arugula with slices of lemon, insalata di mare with octopus and calamari marinated in lemon juice, marinated artichoke hearts garnished with slices of lime, slivers of salmone e pesce spada affumicata -smoked salmon and swordfish, shrimp salad tossed with cubes of mango and kiwi, prosciutto being sliced directly off the hock, along with beef roast.

It makes our own light Pugliese lunch reception (antipasti and first plates) after returning from the wedding in California seem rather tiny by comparison!

Here’s a tower of speck and prosciutto with chunks of melon and parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Tower of Prosciutto and Speck at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

Fresh Oysters ready to be shelled and eaten at any moment!

Oysters ready to Shell at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

Cubed mortadella that was perfect for snacking when you weren’t on the dance floor. With a toothpick, you had a meal!

Cubed Mortadella at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

One of my favorite displays ANYWHERE in Italy – a big wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano (in this case) chunked up and ready to be eaten. A chunk or two would always clear up my palate a bit between all the different flavors. And, it tastes great with whatever you’re drinking.

Grana Padana Chunked and Ready at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

One of my favorite seafood appetizers, that we had at our lunch reception, too – cozze grattugiate – breaded mussels!

Breaded Mussels at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

I was pleasantly surprised to see some watermelon art at the wedding – not so different from the carved watermelons I saw at my friend’s wedding feast in India (but no pics, sorry).

Carved Watermelon Art at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

More Carved Watermelon Art at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

After a big buffet of antipasti, of course that meant there were still 2 first plates AND 3 second (fish) plates to eat. Here, perhaps my favorite dish of the evening – unfortunately even this small amount I requested I wasn’t able to finish: Tagliatelle in Vellutata di Crostacei / Shellfish sauce. Yum!

Tagliatelle in Vellutata di Crostacei / Shellfish sauce at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

There was also a risotto al gambero rosso – big shrimp similar to crayfish. I didn’t get any pictures of the grilled shrimp, or the grouper, but they did make the rounds at our table.

Risotto al Gambero Rosso at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

This was my favorite part of the night – what a display! A flaming roasted sea bass fish brought out for everyone to enjoy. If you look closely, you’ll notice the bridal couple standing behind it.

Flaming Roasted Sea Bass Fish at a Wedding in Sicily, Italy

I didn’t forget about the desserts, though. Did you?

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  1. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    @Eugenio – so you ARE reading my blog :) I throw in some errors every once and while to get you lurkers active. It’s fixed now :)

  2. Mia Walsh says

    My husband and I just bought a house in Sicily (Cefalu’) — mainly because of the awesome cheeses!!!! The ricotta is the best in the world, which translates into cannoli that is INCREDIBILE! That prosciutto tower & the watermelon (anguria) are beautiful.

  3. says

    That looks pretty much like the ideal wedding. I cannot get over that watermelon…so beautiful! Those oysters are pretty envy-inducing as well.

  4. Soraya says

    Lovely pictures. I go to Sicily every summer and particularly love the food (I can live on Norma) and my kids devour octopus at every opportunity. Bring on July-can’t wait to get there! Great site by the way.

  5. says

    Mama Mia! What a feast! My mother was from Sicily so some of the food looks familiar but I was wondering what the heck is in the prosciutto tower? I’ve never seem that before!

  6. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    The tower of prosciutto was definitely a big attraction! I only wish I had been hungry enough to eat it all the way through!

  7. says

    What a feast for the eyes! I would love to sample that seafood risotto and everything else. Your photos are awesome. I’m still dreaming of visiting Sicily, the home of my ancestors, but until the images and stories on your page keeps me happy.

  8. Christina says


    I am recently engaged and DESP to get married in Sicily pref with a view of the Segesta as it was my partner and I’s 1st holiday. If you have any information and costings it would be greatly received!!! xxxxxx


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