World Nutella Day 2009 Round-Up

Make sure you check Bleeding Espresso for the other half of the World Nutella Day 2009 Round-up!

World Nutella Day 2009

Now onto our Nutella Lovers! We’ll be adding the recipes to our huge Nutella Day Recipe Index sometime this week! Please feel free to bookmark, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc.

nutellamacs I contributed Hazelnut Macarons with Nutella and Spicy Nut Centers for World Nutella Day! Did you see them?
bronmarshall Bron from Bron Marshall – Classic and Creative Cuisine takes classic button / thumbprint cookies and makes them Nutella Surprise Buttons! They look delicious. Grazie, Bron!
davidlebovitz David from David Lebovitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris tries to take us through the process of mystifying Nutella by presenting you with some Nutella granules that he’ll explain how to use in the near future. We anxiously await! Grazie David!
coconutlime Rachel from Coconut & Lime makes yummy Nutella Cheesecake Squares with a cocoa-oat crust! Da provare! Grazie Rachel!
findingladolcevita Maryann from Finding La Dolce Vita rolled up some crepes and filled them with Nutella and topped them with bananas in a rum sauce. Yum! Grazie Maryann!
stickygooey Susan from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy contributes some Nutella & Banana Filled Aebleskiver brought by little garden gnome! Grazie Susan!
kochtopf Zorra from 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf makes some beautiful Challah Nutella Rolls filled with Nutella and cream cheese. Grazie Zorra!
whatsforlunch Meeta from What’s For Lunch, Honey? teases us with a spoonful of Nutella and then swirls things up with Flakey Nutella Swirls. Grazie Meeta!
melecotte Chris from Mele Cotte, a three-time contributor makes some adorable little chocolate sprinkles-covered Nutella truffles. Grazie Chris!
cherrapena Nicisme from Cherrapeno tries to battle out the snowy weather with her own Nutella Snowballs! Grazie, Nic!
aromasysabores Heidi from Aromas y Sabores makes some gorgeous heart-shaped Alfajores a la Nutella (Alfajores cookies filled with Nutella). Grazie Heidi!
spatulacorkscrews Donna from Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases fudges up her brownies by making Nutella Chocolate Fudge Brownies Grazie Donna!
lemontart Tami of Lemon Tart made some Nutella ice cream-filled Nutella Profiteroles that made my mouth water. Grazie Tami!
honeyandjam Hannah from Honey and Jam made some scrumptious-looking Nutella Peanut Butter Brownies with a crackly crust that I can’t wait to try! Grazie, Hannah!


Jennifer from Gluten Free Inspired made Monte Dolce, a “sweet mountain of ricotta, fruit perserves, warm Nutella and liquor-infused fruit.” What more could you ask for? Grazie Jennifer!
anglouise Angela from California to Sicily tries to keep it natural with a simple Nutella and Banana. Grazie Angela!
calabrisellamia Lulu from Calabrisella Mia decided to put a twist on her Mom’s traditional peanut butter cookies and make Mom & Me’s Nutella & Peanut Butter Cookies Grazie Lulu!
wanderingchopsticks From Wandering Chopsticks in Southern California made a savoury contribution with a (now) obvious twist on traditional mole: Chicken Enchiladas with Nutella Mole Poblano (Can I come over?) Grazie!
draganabakes Dragana from Prijatno! is Nuts for Nutella and contributes Nutella Sauce with Chocolate Pasta and Fruit. Grazie, Dragana!
cocobeanandme Christina from Coco Bean made some Nutella Linzer cookies and alternated filling her cookies and eating directly from the spoon! Grazie Christina!
leciawphinney Lecia from A Day That is Dessert recommends a place to get a crepe in Seattle and shows a portrait of her Nutella jar. Grazie Lecia!
mymelange Robin from My Melange warms up her grill with Grilled Nutella Sandwiches. Grazie Robin!


Jenn from The Leftover Queen takes on the silky side of Nutella with Silky Nutella Pudding. Grazie Jenn!
vintagevictuals Laure frrom Vintage Victuals proves that Nutella and croissants were Made for Each Other with her MFEO Nutella Croissants! Grazie, Laure!
bakesweet Kristen from Something Sweet whips up a breakfast or snack food :Nutella Crumb Cake with chocolate chips! Grazie Kristen!
chocolatecroissants Esmeralda from Chocolate & Croissants tells us what she loves about Nutella and contributes a pecan and cream cheese Nutella Heart! Grazie Esmeralda!
analisfirst Anali from Anali’s First Amendment upgrades her shortbread and slathers Nutella all over it with Nutella Shortbread. Grazie Anali!
elisaincucina Elisa from Elisa in Cucina takes a classic Italian cake and turns it into Nutella and Pear Muffins (in Italian)! Grazie Elisa!
lyns0702 Lynsey from Lynsey Lou’s made something I really want to try: Nutella rolls with mini chocolate chips and a sugar glaze icing! Grazie Lynsey!
fruttodellapassione Joanne from Frutto della Passione samples a recipe from the Italian cookbook Cucinare con Nutella by making Nutella Truffles! Grazie Joanne!
t2net Tracey from Stuff By Tace writes an emotionally-packed ode to Nutella called “Nutella or Sanity.” Grazie Tracey!
cindystar Cinzia from Cindystar makes Nutella Strauben, similar to a funnel cake, which are very popular in Südtirol, Austria and Bavaria. Grazie Cinzia!
expatexperience Global Librarian from Expat Experience demonstrates what you get when cultures collide: peanut butter, Nutella and banana sandwiches! Grazie!
unrepetant Robin from The Unrepentant Carbivore makes Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting and respects her Weight Watchers at the same time. Grazie Robin!
afeitar Helen of Afeitar whips up some Chocolate Melting Moments sandwiched together with Nutella with some ingredients she had on hand. Grazie Helen!
murasaki Ayako from Samurai Viking Cuisine makes deep-fried Nutella & Marshmallow Parcels with rice paper. Grazie, Ayako!
ovenhaven Zhulaiha from Epicurean Escapism meets Nutella destiny and a sale in her supermarket with Nutella Bread Pudding. Grazie Zhulaiha!
smallexpectations Jamie from Small Expectations, an artist draws a little Nutella cat holding a jar of Nutella. Holding Nutella-nip, possibly? Grazie Jamie!
mybellavita Cherrye Moore from My Bella Vita, a fellow Expat in Italy makes something I would like to dunk in my coffee this morning: Nutella-Dipped Pecan Biscotti! Grazie Cherrye!
kevinkoi Katrina from Baking and Boys thinks you don’t need to be around a campfire to enjoy Chocolate Graham Cracker Nutella S’mores! Grazie Katrina!
ecurry Soma from eCurry makes interesting Sliwki W Czekoladzie (Plums in Chocolate) that are crispy, crunchy, nut-stuffed and even rum-soaked! Grazie Soma!
savorthethyme Jennifer from Savor The Thyme makes something you probably won’t get from your pizza delivery guy: Almond, Flax & White Chocolate Nutella Dessert Pizza! Yum! Grazie Jennifer!
mignardise Karen from Mignardise makes her own version of the Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes that if you topped off with a little more Nutella, I wouldn’t tell! Grazie Karen!
flavorsabruzzo Mary from Flavors of Abruzzo makes a Whipped Nutella Pie that’s akin to a semifreddo and I’d love to get a slice myself! Grazie, Mary!
essenzavaniglia Laura from Essenza di Vaniglia makes a Chocolate Cake with a Hazelnut Shortbread Crust, frosted with Nutella (in Italian). Grazie Laura!
italyville Joe from Italyville shows you his “Nutella Fingers” with a little help from his favorite “Friend.” Grazie Joe!
foodblogs24 Brownie Girl from Kitchen Diary contributes some flaky Moo’s Nutella Love Bites. Grazie Brownie Girl!
pinkstripes Wendy from Pink Stripes shows us shelves full of Nutella and Sugared Puff Pastry Crisps with Nutella. Grazie Wendy!


Jenny from JKitchen.Log made a three-dimensional painting all of Nutella and chopped up Ferrero products. I love her leaves. Grazie Jenny!
susanmyjourney Susan from My Life’s Joys makes Nutella Biscotti drizzled with more Nutella. Possibly tobe dipped in Nutella, too? Grazie Susan!
morethanburnttoast Bellini Valli from More than Burnt Toast Mascarpone Brownies with Nutella & Toasted Hazelnut Topping. Grazie!
thrucatzeyes Cat from Thru Catz Eyes shows us a portrait of Nutella and of self-preservation with regards to Nutella. Grazie Cat!
Anna l’Americana from Only in Maine shares her favorite way to eat Nutella, on an Italian bread roll called a ‘rosetta.’ Grazie Anna!
Anecdotes of Mundanity shares a detailed ritual for opening the jar of Nutella that should be adopted by anyone looking for a little order. Grazie!
Dario Violi shows us what kind of a world it would be without Nutella, in a Neverending-story kind of way. Grazie Dario!

Still want more??

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  1. says

    What a varied and delicious group of Nutella posts. Thanks for giving me not only more nutella ideas, but introducing me to more great blogs. I second the comment on Bleeding Espresso’s blog that the company should give you a year’s worth of nutella!

  2. says

    It is so crazy how big World Nutella Day has become….so many recipe entries, sheesh!

    Thanks for taking the time to post all these and make our little holiday so special :-)

  3. says

    Thank you for the round-up. I finally got over here (from Bleeding Espresso) & love your site. I linked to you a few times re: Nutella Day but something was up with your server. Now I see from above that you’re having a spam problem, so that was probably it. I love seeing Jamie’s adorable Nutella-cat on your site. So, so charming. It will take some time to go through both halves of the round-up but so enjoyable.

    xo, baci!

  4. says

    Wow I never knew that so many people loved and cooked with Nutella, I will have to have a very good look at the recipes…Thanks for the round up, quite amazing.:-)

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