Give the Gift of A Menu For Hope

UPDATE: Menu for Hope has been extended until December 31st!

There are only a few days left until December 25th arrives. If you’re still scrambling around to find presents, why not consider giving gifts that give back?

We know that not everyone is a blogger, and not everyone is online and not everyone has heard of the Menu For Hope. But that doesn’t meant that you can’t give the gift of the Menu for Hope to everyone you know!

Luckily, I’ve created two easy ways for you to share the Menu for Hope with others. Donate in their name, send them an email explaining you’ve donated in their name and attach one of these images, or print it out and slip it inside a gift card! Each of the files is sized 8.5×11″ and has space to list which prize(s) you’ve bid for, and a reminder to check on January 12 to see if they’ve won!

Here’s a full-page explanation of the Menu for Hope with some of the Lesotho Photos. You can download it as an image (jpg) or as a PDF.


In case you’d prefer just a little token of your gift, here’s a page with 2 “coupons” to cut out and insert into gift cards! You can download it as an image (jpg) or as a PDF.


There are really a ton of great prizes available for the Menu for Hope! Check out the Europe Prize List here on this blog, or go to to see the Menu for Hope Master Prize List! Check the progress of the fundraiser at the Menu for Hope Firstgiving page! Can we get it to $50,000? What about $70,000? Get donating, now!

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