Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto 2008 in Torino – Turin

It only happens every 2 years: Il Salone del Gusto in Turin.

This year I was able to go to the 7th edition of the Salone del Gusto, organized by the Slow Food Organization and the Piedmont Regional Authority. This year it took place at Lingotto, just feet away from Eataly, so we made a stop there, too.

Some artful presentation at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Click through to see more pictures from Salone del Gusto in Torino after the jump.

Hand-rolling cigars

Hand-rolling cigars at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Fichi d’India / Cactus pears similar to the ones I love and enjoy in Puglia – so colorful!

Cactus Pears / Fichi d'India at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Who can identify this animal? Leave your guess in the comments!

Cured meat at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Rolling out pasta continuously!

Rolling out pasta by hand at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Getting approval from her co-pasta roller – thumbs up! (Ok, not really: in Italy they use the thumb to start counting, so she’s probably indicating 1 of something in a story, but I liked my version better)

Italian woman approves of pasta-making methods at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Of course, it wouldn’t be a food convention without a little gelato. This was from the Gelato dei Presidi di Slow Food. It won’t have its own stop on the Tour del Gelato, but the Pistachio from Bronte gelato was excellent!

Gelato at Salone del Gusto in Turin

There were a lot of interesting, small producers like the makers of this pecorino cheese wrapped in walnut tree leaves and aged. It was almost as good as their cheese aged with wine cultures.

Pecorino cheese wrapped in Walnut Leaves at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Lots of tasting, lots of samples (though some were more abundant than others). Sometimes you needed to find a quiet moment to reflect and plan the next path (and samples) you’d be following.

Tasting sparkling wine at Salone del Gusto in Turin

Corks decorate the ceiling, a view you might have been entranced by after a few tastings. Like me.

Corks decorating the ceiling at Salone del Gusto in Turin

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  1. Eric says

    Torino is a beautiful city! Very different from the rest of Italy….best of Italy and Europe together! :)

    I am a bit biased having studied there….thanks for sharing and living in the midwest am so envious of your experiences!

  2. says

    Am still recovering & nursing my bruises! And it’s going to be a long, long time before I can eat any cured pork products again. I definitely got my fill..

  3. says

    Wow, Sara… were we at the same Salone del Gusto?? You found things we never laid eyes on (though evidently we did stumble on the same gelato vendor – yum!), and your pictures are gorgeous. We think maybe that’s a pig’s foot, too – hind end of a suckling pig maybe?

  4. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    Yes, I can’t believe the price but I’m sure it’s probably cheaper than buying it piece by piece. :)

    @nyc – I didn’t see the article – I’ll have to look for it

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