World Nutella Day Round-up

UPDATE: We have an important late entry, but she RSVP’d a long time ago so I wanted to republish the round-up! When Cream Puffs in Venice cooks, I pay attention! :) Check below for her entry.

Late to the party? We’ll still take you!! – send your Nutella-inspired entry to nutelladay **at** nutelladay **dot** com – We’ll be posting the entire roundup and latecomers to soon.

We had a Nutella party at work yesterday – more pics will be posted on Flickr later, but for now, enjoy the virgin goodness of 5 kilos of Nutella freshly opened – look at the mouse in the picture for size reference!

Using the mouse as a size reference

On to the Nutella Day round-up!

This was a lot of fun – While I wasn’t able to make comments on everyone’s site, I really enjoyed “meeting” new people on their blogs and hearing about our mutual enjoyment of Nutella! I hope that you don’t stay strangers, ya hear? Make sure you visit these folks and comment – in fact, many of the comments on these posts have taken a life of their own as their readers share their own experiences with Nutella!

In no particular order……..


Ivonne from Cream Puffs in Venice ponders the correctness of a knife vs. a spoon to handle her “Hazelnut Gold” and creates some spectacular Cheese-Filled Tuiles with Nutella Drizzles for World Nutella Day. Grazie, Ivonne!

Mini Nutella Tiramisu
Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy (THAT’S ME, Y’all!) contributed Mini Nutella Tiramisu…check it out!

Mary from Alpine Berry contributes another winner (she contributed one of the initial Nutella inspiration recipes!) with Nutella Cheesecake Brownies that mix two of the best desserts in existence. They look so creamy, yet chewy! Grazie, Mary!

Helen from Tartelette contributes two recipes using Nutella – Creme au Nutella and Macarons Vanille and Nutella! I think it’s time I try macarons and those look excellent! Grazie, Helen!

Rob and Rachel from Hungry In Hogtown in Toronto, Canada experiment in nano-cooking (my term) by creating a Nutella powder and garnishing it with caramelized bananas – ah, Nutella powder – the places we will go! Grazie Rob and Rachel!

Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once keeps it refreshing with a Nutella Cocktail made with Baileys and Frangelico that make me long for a milkshake. Grazie, Haalo!

Joey from 80 Breakfasts in the Philippines makes her own version of the Torta alla Gianduja (Nutella Cake) as part of her Nutella worship routine. Grazie, Joey!

Jennifer from Bake or Break received inspiration for World Nutella Day in the form of Nutella Oatmeal Cookies that have convinced her never to go back to the original version. Grazie, Jennifer!

Jessica from Su Good Eats confesses her Nutella addiction and remakes Pierre Herme’s Nutella Tart and makes me want to start planning a trip to Paris to get her same inspiration! Grazie, Jessica!

Cindy from Where’s the Beef? makes a Choc-Nutella pudding, (the British version) paired with yummy blueberries and fresh whipped cream! Grazie, Cindy!

Ulrike from K�chenlatein joins us from Germany with a great mix of two of my favorite flavors in a Cinnamon Nutella Cake and even gives us a lesson in German grammar! Bravo, Ulrike!

Erin from the Olive Notes mixes a bit of Nutella fun with her life on the beach in these Nutella Sand Dollar Surprise cookies – yum! Grazie, Erin!

Rachael from Tinkerblue shares her belief that Nutella is the 6th food group and shows off its versatility with fondue, banana boats and cheesecake! Grazie, Rachael!

Mia from Nosh shares her memories growing up Sicilian in America and recognizing the luxury of having chocolate for in her lunch bag! She shares a recipe her Sicilian cugini made during the holidays, Nutella Tartufini. Grazie, Mia!

Stinny from A Kitchen in Kuwait tries her hand at the now-famous Self-Frosting Cupcakes with Nutella and also shows what a jar of Nutella in Kuwait looks like with Arabic on the label. This has moved this recipe up higher on my to-make list! Grazie, Stinny!

Barbie2be shares her recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Ravioli garnished with sugared mint leaves! Grazie, Barbie2be!

Stephen from the Murray Factor creates a fusion breakfast, melding Mexican and Italian by creating the Nutella-dilla, a quesadilla packed with Nutella! Ay Carumba! Grazie, Stephen!

Ian from The Gallumphing Gourmand in Toronto contributes a double-hitter with Nutella used twice in his recipe of Chocolate Sugar Stars – chocolaty star sandwiches!! Grazie, Ian!

Doodles from Peanut Butter �touffee celebrates the Indianapolis Colts’ Super Bowl victory with a victory dance and Pineapple – Vanilla Ice Cream – Nutella Drizzle Grazie, Doodles!

Neil from Tanked Up Taco has adapted a recipe to create Nutella Chocolate Mousse and declares “Anyone who likes Ferrero Rocher chocolates…will love this one.” How can you resist that? Grazie, Neil!


Cenk from Cafe Fernando contributes a bit of modern art with the Nutellisa! I love it! Grazie, Cenk!

Rose from Zero Summer shares some insight via pictures about the life and times of Nutella in Oxford – I like this one of Nutella in festival gear. Grazie, Rose!

Jessica from Italylogue contributes a post about visiting a Nutelleria for World Nutella Day! Grazie, Jessica!
Note: My post on Monday featured a pic of this exact place!

Harlot & Trollop from the Book Bitches contribute their own memories of Nutella and a comic that features Nutella used in an inventive way. Grazie, ladies!!

Violeta from Feed Your Loves contributes her memories about growing up in Spain and the delights of pan con chocolate and how she enjoys it even today! Grazie, Violeta!

IZ Reloaded shares his favorite way to eat Nutella pictorially – with his finger. Grazie, IZ!

Maria from the Spirit’s Sword talks about sharing Nutella Day with her young daughter and “Tada Wheels” is their special Nutella moment. Don’t forget the cold milk! Grazie, Maria!

Happy World Nutella Day!

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  1. says

    WOW. Just. WOW. I am in awe of the Nutella love that spread like chocolatey hazelnutty goodness over the Internet yesterday, and continues on… BRAVI to everyone! This was a lot of fun and it was so exciting seeing everyone’s creative contributions. Thanks to everyone who joined in, and thanks to you, Sara, for coming up with such a unique idea.

  2. says

    Looks like you had a great turn out! I am just wondering if Nutulla is paying you guys and if not, THEY SHOULD!

    Looking forward to trying some of these at home.

  3. says

    Wow – yummy! I think the world is on a Nutella sugar high today, which needs to happen everyday. Thanks for doing this! And – thanks to everyone who contributed! I will be busy reading blogs the next several days. Work? Nah….

  4. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    Thanks for participating you guys! I had a lot of fun seeing what you came up with!!!

    Sean, thanks for the link love – I’m sure next year will be even bigger! :)

  5. says

    Sara! This is awesome! I already have a dozen recipes on my list to make, now — what a great idea and great job to you both for pulling it off. Grazie, Gracias, Thanks and see you in a few weeks!

  6. Jay says

    Enough with the nutella!!! Do you celebrate butter or brown sugar? Its a condiment spread, eat it!!!! Crazy sister, lets blog about fish tacos which will go over the heads of 99.75% of the worlds population…

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