Tour del Gelato: Choco Cult a Milano

When I posted about Chocolat, I had heard almost as many things about Choco Cult.

Choco Cult

Choco Cult takes a bit of a different approach and actually has a kitchen available as well as the gelato case. There were plenty of small tables to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere and it seemed like it would be a great place to come to when the weather is very cold and you can wrap your hands around a big cup of cioccolato caldo.

It wasn’t very well-lit inside but I think this could be conducive to two potential situations 1) a romantic evening or 2) hiding yourself as you scarf down ice cream. Either of these reasons seemed ok with me.

They had some standard flavors as well as a few unusual ones like pistacchio salato (salty pistachio) and pinolo, pine nut, both of which I didn’t try this time around.

The Gelato Case at Choco Cult

These servings look huge, but I think it’s just my, ahem, expert photography that makes them appear larger than they were. These pictures were rather dark due to previously mentioned mood lighting. S picked Cioccolato al Latte, milk chocolate, and Nocciola, Hazelnut. He usually has pistacchio or hazelnut as one of his flavor picks.

Cioccolato Latte e Nocciola Gelato

I’m actually not a big Stracciatella, or Chocolate Chip, fan but this one looked good to me. They must have known I was new because they laid a big hunk of chocolate and nuts on top. Underneath was Cioccolato e Cocco, which was like eating a Bounty/Almond Joy but creamier. Very good. Me likee.

Stracciatella e Cioccolato e Cocco Gelato

After we finished, we didn’t spend much time lingering but there was a little side wall full of chocolate products to browse and I would like to go back to get a better look.

Choco Cult – Via Buonarotti 7 – Milano – Tel: 02 48027319 – MM1: Wagner

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    GOSH – why am I not in Italy right now?!? and how quick can I get there! man that looks so good. we have some gelato here (I will submit it for the tour de gelato) but its just not as good!

  2. says

    Oh yeah, Choco Cult, I know it quite well… A friend lives on Via Washington so every time I go over, I always swing by to get some gelato for her… My favorite flavour there is the pepperoncino cioccolato, mmmm, yumm, you can actually taste the kick…

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