Tour del Gelato: Choco Cult a Milano

November 30th, 2006 · Tags: Food · Gelato · Italy · Milan · Tour del Gelato

When I posted about Chocolat, I had heard almost as many things about Choco Cult.

Choco Cult

Choco Cult takes a bit of a different approach and actually has a kitchen available as well as the gelato case. There were plenty of small tables to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere and it seemed like it would be a great place to come to when the weather is very cold and you can wrap your hands around a big cup of cioccolato caldo.

It wasn’t very well-lit inside but I think this could be conducive to two potential situations 1) a romantic evening or 2) hiding yourself as you scarf down ice cream. Either of these reasons seemed ok with me.

They had some standard flavors as well as a few unusual ones like pistacchio salato (salty pistachio) and pinolo, pine nut, both of which I didn’t try this time around.

The Gelato Case at Choco Cult

These servings look huge, but I think it’s just my, ahem, expert photography that makes them appear larger than they were. These pictures were rather dark due to previously mentioned mood lighting. S picked Cioccolato al Latte, milk chocolate, and Nocciola, Hazelnut. He usually has pistacchio or hazelnut as one of his flavor picks.

Cioccolato Latte e Nocciola Gelato

I’m actually not a big Stracciatella, or Chocolate Chip, fan but this one looked good to me. They must have known I was new because they laid a big hunk of chocolate and nuts on top. Underneath was Cioccolato e Cocco, which was like eating a Bounty/Almond Joy but creamier. Very good. Me likee.

Stracciatella e Cioccolato e Cocco Gelato

After we finished, we didn’t spend much time lingering but there was a little side wall full of chocolate products to browse and I would like to go back to get a better look.

Choco Cult – Via Buonarotti 7 – Milano – Tel: 02 48027319 – MM1: Wagner

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