Eat to live, ready to die?

BBC published their “50 foods to eat before you die.”

I have to say I was astounded by the broad sweeping picks…why not make people work a bit before they settle down to die?? #23 Chocolate. That’s it?? Hersheys and Caffarel are the same? White chocolate is the same as luscious gianduia? #24 Sandwiches. Argh!

#15 Pasta. (All 58 million Italians send up a cry of rage) There are hundreds and hundreds of pasta recipes – I mean, there’s several books with 500 recipes each (greatest ever, cook’s guide, almost fat-free) How can you lump in America’s spaghetti and meatballs in Prego sauce with pappardelle con pecorino di fossa?

I’m only missing about 5 from the list (close to death, y’all!) but don’t intend to eat kangaroo or reindeer or guinea pig in the near future, so I’ll live for quite some time.

I consider myself pretty well-traveled, and definitely well-fed, so I thought I would make my own list. Instead of being so general (Mexican food???) I thought that I would focus on specific dishes…those ingredients in their BEST preparation.

What things are missing from the BBC list, in your opinion? What’s something you discovered late in life that you now can’t live without? How close are you to “dying?”

My list, in no particular order…

  1. Cracked whole dungeness crab
  2. Grilled shrimp enchiladas with jalapeno cream sauce
  3. Panzanella salad
  4. Tom Yum Gai soup
  5. Beef & Broccoli with noodles
  6. Fresh homemade basil and pinenut pesto
  7. Lindor truffle (the red one)
  8. Sausage (I’ll make it easy on you….Polish, Summer, Chorizo, Jalapeno, Beer, Pesto, chicken, beef, pork, whatever!!)
  9. Olive pate
  10. Pane e pomodoro – fresh tomatoes smeared on Pugliese bread with Pugliese olive oil & oregano
  11. Vegetarian Samosa
  12. Chicken Khorma or Tikka Masala
  13. Chocolate mousse
  14. Fresh potato gnocchi with meat sauce
  15. Mango
  16. Pineapple
  17. Portuguese breakfast (eggs, rice, and sausage with soy sauce)
  18. Tiramisu
  19. French crepe (preferrably with Nutella)
  20. Nutella (see above)
  21. Honey or Spicy Mustard
  22. Cinnamon hot chocolate
  23. Fresh buffalo mozzarella
  24. Kebab (with hot sauce!)
  25. Pistachio gelato
  26. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
  27. Pot stickers
  28. Brownies
  29. Beef stroganoff
  30. Macaroni and cheese with salsa
  31. Chicken fried steak
  32. Hot buttermilk biscuits and sausage cream gravy
  33. Queso (Tex-Mex dip)
  34. Hawaiian-stlye pizza (with ranch dressing)
  35. Argentinian Churrasco steak
  36. Pho
  37. Fried calamari (especially the legs)
  38. Hot edamame with salt
  39. Smoked salmon
  40. Shredded beef tamales
  41. Roti prata with curry dipping sauce
  42. Grilled cheese sandwich
  43. Arancina with meat sauce
  44. Vietnamese spring rolls with peanut sauce
  45. American or British breakfast
  46. Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl
  47. Bread: Pizza bianca, garlic naan, garlic bread, hot baguette
  48. Yellow Thai curry
  49. Spicy tuna rolls
  50. Sticky toffee pudding
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  1. Anonymous says

    Jay: I am really craving Pho lately, I can’t seem to get enough of that!!!!! How about that Mexican food in Italy….er, umh….

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