Expat GTG in Italy

Thanks to everyone who came!!!


Easy to find, just off Piazza della Signorina. If no one is outside, go inside and ask for the party of Katie or Sara. Please call the restaurant if you’re lost as I don’t know the small streets of Florence well.



Piazza della Signoria, 32-33-34/r
50122 Firenze
Tel. 055 294553 – Fax 055 264353

Expats Who Attended

I updated the list of who was there – If I left out someone, or a website, let me know!

  1. Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy (probably +1) [Milan]
  2. Katie from Olio di Oliva e Sogni di Vino [Florence]
  3. Melinda from Living in Florence [Florence]
  4. Ilva from Lucullian Delights [Pistoia]
  5. Nyc/Caribbean ragazza from Sister Girl Tales [Rome]
  6. Erin from The Olive Notes and Chris from Come Essere Felice [Florence]
  7. Ben and Martha from Moving2Italy2 [Monte San Savino]
  8. Emily +1 from Confessions of a 20-something Caffeine Addict and Pilates in Florence [Florence]
  9. Tania and Keith (and Murphy!) from Eurobimbo’s Journey to Enlightenment [Cortona]
  10. Rachel +1 [Florence area]
  11. Martha and James from About.com [Lunigiana,Tuscany]
  12. Kelly from Fine Art by Kelly Borsheim [Florence]
  13. Michele “Cobalt” [Montalcino]
  14. Amanda +3 (+ dog) from A Tuscan view – from Umbria [Chiusi]
  15. Shannon +1 [Barberino di Mugello] (she’s offering a place to stay if you need it – see comment #35)
  16. Megan + 1 (+ Lucy the dog) from Bella Vita Italia [Liguria]
  17. Emma Downey from AngloInfo.com – Tuscany [Florence]
  18. Alyson +1 from Life in the City of Flowers [Florence]
  19. Nicki +2 from The Life I Chose [Positano]
  20. Matt from Traveling Matt [Florence]
  21. Michael, would-be Expat
  22. Charlene and Damien [Florence]
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