Dark Chocolate Fondant Birthday Cake Recipe

Birthday Fondant Cake, Ms. Adventures in Italy by Sara Rosso

As I usually do, this year I baked myself a birthday cake. While the idea of someone else making me or buying me a cake for my birthday is exciting, baking my own birthday cake is actually something I look forward to as it’s something I can make completely selfishly and I know at least I…

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No oil, sugar, or butter Microwave Chocolate Happy Birthday Cake

It’s tradition for me to post about the birthday cake I make myself on my birthday (that’s today). (For past birthdays, read about Drunken Devil’s food cupcakes, Kitchen Sink cookies, Chocolate Brownie cake with homemade caramel, and a Chocolate and Coffee Mousse Cake) This year, things have changed a bit for me. If you’ve been…

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Flourless Nutella Chocolate Cake Recipe for World Nutella Day 2011


Happy World Nutella Day! Five years ago, a little idea in my head grew into a big idea, loved by thousands of fans and bloggers alike. Michelle from Bleeding Espresso has been my co-host for the past 4 years and we have loved the response! 2,000 fans on Twitter @NutellaDay, almost 20,000 fans on Facebook…

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