What I’m Craving + Delicious Links


I have cravings. Don’t you? On the search for good coffee in Paris, I ended up at Holybelly, a coffee place with a serious affinity for American breakfast. I’ve never been a big pancake fan, and to this day, I still don’t order them first on a breakfast menu. I’d probably order eggs, a burrito, french… 

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March Favorites: Italy edition

Old men and the sea. Puglia, Italy.

Are you friends with me on Instagram? I’m rossosara. Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? I’m also on Twitter @rosso.  Here’s some of the favorites I’ve seen lately in Italy. Favorite work-turned-reward in Italy: Not only was cutting my own chocolate so cool, the cremino from Domori was so delicious and my favorite thing from an evening… 

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September Favorites: Banana bread skillet cake, Writing inspiration, Homemade peanut butter

Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 3.58.04 PM

I love lists and favorites, so I’m going to share a few which have caught my eye now in September. Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? There will be a few favorites in there which aren’t in this post, along with other content (and giveaways!), so sign up now! I’m also on Twitter @rosso. See past favorites. I… 

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