A few hours in Venice, Italy, and Writing Raw

It takes stepping back and shaking routine off your shoulders to see the details and intrigue in things that have become commonplace. It happens when friends come to visit, and often when I spend time in another city in Italy. And most of those experiences happen when I step away from the computer. (telling myself…

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Strawberry Festival, Sagra delle Fragole in Italy

If it’s summertime, that means loads of wonderful sagre, festivals, in Italy. Many sagre are food-related celebrations and festivals, but not all. But when it is food-related, you know that you’re going to eat well! Even the tiniest cities can have excellent sagre. Case in point is the Sagra delle Fragole I went to in…

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10 Tourist Mistakes when Visiting Italy: Tipping, Tickets, and More

Pantheon in Rome, image by Sara Rosso

Love Italy? You should check out my book about How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy!  It’s available on Amazon! Get your copy or tell a friend! Here are some common mistakes and misconceptions tourists have about traveling in Italy. After posting about how my diet changed after moving to Italy 7 years prior, I’ve also been reflecting…

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