How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy: the ebook on Amazon Kindle!

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I published a post on how to order an Italian coffee in Italy years ago on this site – the definitive guide to Italian coffee for coffee lovers! Since then, it’s been one of my most popular posts, and I’ve had requests to make it into an ebook and expand it ever since. I’m happy…

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Pepata di Cozze – Peppered Steamed Mussels Recipe in Puglia

This is what I eat a lot of while I’m in Puglia – una pepata di cozze. Sometimes spelled impepata or ‘mpepata – “peppered” mussels, I think an alternative translation is steamed mussels, prepared with and garlic, and yes, pepper. So delicious. Quick and easy, only a few ingredients and one pot are needed to make this…

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Inside Fernet Branca’s Factory in Milan, Italy

Today the New York Times posted a story about Count Niccolò Branca di Romanico – the leading royalty of the Fernet Branca‘s family dynasty and holder of the secret recipe for the Fernet Branca digestive that has achieved a cult status with waiters & bartenders in New York, San Francisco, and it’s spreading… Did I…

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