Pepata di Cozze – Peppered Steamed Mussels Recipe in Puglia

This is what I eat a lot of while I’m in Puglia – una pepata di cozze. Sometimes spelled impepata or ‘mpepata – “peppered” mussels, I think an alternative translation is steamed mussels, prepared with and garlic, and yes, pepper. So delicious. Quick and easy, only a few ingredients and one pot are needed to make this…

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Inside Fernet Branca’s Factory in Milan, Italy

Today the New York Times posted a story about Count Niccolò Branca di Romanico – the leading royalty of the Fernet Branca‘s family dynasty and holder of the secret recipe for the Fernet Branca digestive that has achieved a cult status with waiters & bartenders in New York, San Francisco, and it’s spreading… Did I…

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