I’m an avid reader of books and I love writing, so it’s only natural I would want to publish my own books. Some of my writing appears in other people’s books, but these are all mine. This list will continue to grow:

How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy 

How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy is a comprehensive and concise guide to all of the major variations of coffee, or caffè espresso in Italian, as they can be found in Italy.

A descriptive look at the most common coffee options for travelers to Italy, with close-up photos of each variety and the proper names in Italian with pronunciation guides so you’ll be ready to order your favorite variety in any bar in Italy.

Also included are descriptions of special coffee drinks, non-coffee drinks you can find in a bar, and all about sweeteners for your coffee.

Bonus chapters include: Italian breakfast – what to expect and order to eat with your coffee; Understanding the bar culture in Italy; and How to make coffee at home like an Italian.

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The Unofficial Guide to Nutella Book

The Unofficial Guide to Nutella

by Sara Rosso & Michelle Fabio

Nutella. A mix of chocolate and hazelnut If you know it, you love it!

We, the World Nutella Day co-hosts, decided to put together this primer for both aspiring and veteran Nutella fans to better understand their favorite hazelnut spread and help spread the word about Nutella!

Inside the guide, you’ll find Nutella recipes with full-color photos (black & white on classic Kindle), an introduction on how to eat Nutella, our favorite Nutella combinations, fun ideas for how to enjoy Nutella, how to throw your own Nutella party, and much more.

So whether you’re a new or old-school Nutella fan, whether you’re looking for ideas to participate in World Nutella Day on February 5th, or you just want a quick way to show your friends what the fuss is about, the Unofficial Guide to Nutella has something for you.

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101 American Foods to try in the USA

A free book, available in EPUB & PDF formats.

Living in another country, I often think about, talk about, or make reference to American (USA) foods with non-Americans. Many of my Italian friends have asked me for a list of American foods they should try when visiting the United States of America.

This list is a mix of notable, iconic, and classic foods, and what I think a newcomer to American foods should try at least once, in America, or at least made by an American directly for them (none of those themed restaurants in other countries, please!) so as to understand some of our cultural references and films (how can you explain a Twinkie to someone if they’ve never eaten it?)


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