August Favorites: Napoletana pot coffee, Chocolate Donut Cakes, San Francisco

I love lists and favorites, so I’m going to share a few which have caught my eye now in August. Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? There will be a few favorites in there which aren’t in this post, along with other content (and giveaways!), so sign up now! I’m also on Twitter @rossoSee past favorites.

Favorite bookcase if I actually had room for one (or still collected paper books):

This United States of America book case at Timothy Taylor Gallery. I also love the Oklahoma musical reference in the post title (don’t know what I’m talking about?) I played Ado Annie in my senior musical so I’m a little partial. via Oh she glows

Favorite expanding your culinary horizons:

I think everyone should have a few vegan meals they can turn to – When a Vegan Comes to Dinner from Food 52.

Favorite on being more Italian:

How to make coffee with a Napoletana (pot) from Eleonora at Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino – if you have the chance to pick up one of these pots, you can wow guests with the unique way to make caffe’ alla napoletana.

Favorite nostalgia eat:

Not only did my high school serve something called “cheese bread” which was so fatty (& delicious), it should probably be illegal, in the early 2000s I regularly made something very very similar to this Gooey Cheese Bread with garlic butter, poppy seeds, and a variety of cheeses, all in a hashed loaf of sourdough/crusty bread exactly like this one. Beware, it is seriously, definitely addictive. Other ingredients you should try: pesto; caramelized onions; balsamic vinegar. Gooey cheese bread from ExPress-O

Favorite Wish I was There: 

Cheri, besides being a great writer, is also a great photographer. She captures San Francisco through her iPhone exactly as I want to remember it and with tons of photos. There’s bound to be something in her post which tugs at your heart strings. Never been there? Get thee on a trip to San Francisco, stat.

Favorite food styling post: 

Soup is definitely difficult to style, so if you’re serious about that picture, here are a few things you’ll want to consider – Food Styling 101: Soup from BitterSweet

Favorite creativity inspiration:

Tina Seelig & Unleashing your Creative Potential from 99U.

It’s really a gift when people disagree with you and don’t support your choice. You know why? Because it tests your conviction.

Favorite Audio jam(s):

Low: No Doubt – Settle Down (Baauer Remix) – I’m not a diehard No Doubt fan, though I’ve liked most of their stuff (and definitely Gwen’s solo stuff), but their newest song has never sounded better with this totally chill remix. I think this is something you put on with a drink in one hand and a breeze blowing across the other in a lounge chair.


High (not quite running music, but lively): JMSN: Something – I mentioned on Twitter that I had found a decent substitute for Justin Timberlake since he pretty much stopped making music…but JMSN has a sweet sound, too. His album Priscilla has some great songs on it (Something is a good chill song, too)

Like my high-energy picks? Make sure you check out the Playlists section over on my healthy living site, Food Bloggers on a Diet – lots of music to get you moving (perfect for running and working out!)

Favorite Get in my mouth right now:

These Dark Chocolate Fudge Doughnut Cakes from Edible Garden. I’ll take some milk, too (make mine almond).

Favorite new ingredient to explore: 

The lululemon newsletter (we’ll talk about my addiction to their clothing later) always has something interesting, and their article about 10 ways to use coconut oil is inspiring me to crack the seal on the jar in my cupboard.

Favorite DIY: 

Now I know exactly what to do with those extra conference (men’s) t-shirts. DIY Racerback tanks from Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth. Speaking of working out, did you know I blog about healthy living at Food Blogger on a Diet?

Favorite Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?

Poptails, your favorite cocktails fused into a popsicle, is a great way to shake things up at those end-of-summer barbecues I know you’re all planning. Don’t worry about that warm beer, just break another set of boozy popsicles out of the freezer! I like the concept of freezing fresh fruit into them, too – doesn’t everyone always want more garnish in their cocktail?

** A copy of Poptails was provided to me by the publisher, and the author is friend and awesome blogger Erin Nichols of Erin Cooks!

What are your favorites this month? 

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  1. cheryl mauro says

    one typo that jumped out: peperoncino – not pepperoncino. I’m Italian, I live in Scalea, spitting distance from Diamante (peperoncino festa is first weekend each september). sorry, but I’m a great proofreader!

  2. says

    Just noticed this — thanks! Love how you chose the Dolores Park shot. I took that on the hottest weekend we’d had in a while (beginning of May), and now I’m craving that weather right about now!

    Happy weekend,

  3. says

    I totally thought of you for the weirdest reason the other day – coconut peanut spread.

    I was reaching for the Nutella (we are Nutella sisters, are we not?) when I saw this Earth Balance Coconut and Peanut Spread and actually chose it over the Nutella.


    So, maybe try it in your coconut oil explorations. I’m just saying – shit’s good.

  4. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    @FINNY – need to comment on your big news, still processing it :)

    Last week when I was in the US I actually saw that spread! I didn’t get it, but now I know to put it on the list for next trip ;) Thanks for the rec!

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