2011 Year in Review in Pictures

I started my Year in Review in Pictures in 2009 (2010‘s review, 2009‘s review) as a complement to my text-heavy Year in Review full of tools, sites, and statistics I started in 2006 – I’ll be posting that later this week.

In January, I started to share some pictures from a great trip to Thailand I had just completed:

Thai Coconut Ice Cream on a Hot Dog Bun in Bangkok, Thailand

In February, the international holiday I founded, World Nutella Day, celebrated its 5th anniversary and I made one of my favorite recipes for the event so far – Flourless Nutella Chocolate Cake which was appropriate also since I published some information about gluten-free food and restaurants in Italy, too.

Flourless Nutella Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut halves for World Nutella Day 2011

In March, I shared more photos of street food from my trip to Thailand, and one of my favorite treats in Rome, the maritozzo, before heading to the US for work.

Fried Quail Eggs, Street Food in Thailand

In April, I shared a teaser of the Fernet Branca factory in Milan, and I reflected on food photography and what I choose to put in front of my lens.

Thai Woman street food seller, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In May, I shared more of me with you when I publicly shared my Mother’s Day card for my Mom, and I told you about my struggle with my weight and health which led me to open a new healthy living site, Food Blogger on a Diet (you can keep up with things there, but I can let you know here that things are going very, very well with my health). I was also featured on one of my favorite series about travel: Pret a Voyager’s Boarding Pass.

In June, I shared some pictures from a past fun evening with other food bloggers at one of the best restaurants in the world, Alinea, and I had a new culinary evening with my favorite bloggers in Rome and one of my favorite wines, at the Franciacorta aperitivo at vinoroma.

Porchetta, Roast Pig at Vinoroma, Rome, Italy

In July, I started a long trip back to the States for work and more, and put together a little primer for people new to my site with Ms. Adventures in Italy in 7 links.

Boat in Favignana Island, Sicily, Italy

In August, I presented at both BlogHer and WordCamp San Francisco in the States before heading back to Italy to enjoy the last rays of summer in Puglia with one of my favorite dishes, pepata di cozze.

Pepata di cozze - peppered mussels on the beach in Puglia

In September, I relived summer through my pictures and a video from my trip to Kauai (on a helicopter) and reminiscing about all the foods and sights of summer I love in Italy.

Two waterfalls on Mt. Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii

Pane e pomodoro, Puglia, Italy

In October, I wished myself a Happy Birthday as I do every year with a semi-healthy personal cake, and had a lot of guests visit, and travel for work and pleasure. I also started posting some photos taken with my mobile on my “mobile blog” – most of which are then Tweeted on Twitter.

No oil, sugar, or butter Microwave Chocolate Happy Birthday Cake

In November, travel continued and I reflected on writing raw after a trip to Venice, and I was really excited to publish my ebook on Amazon about How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy

Sunshine on the Santa Maria della Salute church, Venice, Italy

How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy by Sara Rosso

In December, I went to Paris for LeWeb where I nervously presented, and then spent the rest of the month trying to recoup from all the previous months’ travel and busy-ness prior to leaving for Kenya for Christmas (pics to come). I revisited Barcelona and the impact experience and people have had on my travel outlook and photography, too.

A couple kissing at the pier, Barcelona, Spain

Next, I’ll be posting my Year in Review – Sites, Tools, & Statistics!

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