What I’m Craving: Fried Artichoke Chips from La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

These crispy, hot bites with a tender finish and that sweet aftertaste artichoke hearts leave in your mouth when you eat them alone.

These particular fried artichoke chips, or in Spanish chips de alcachofas fritas, (even more fun, in Catalan: xips de carxofes fregides) we devoured (and then savored when we ordered them a second time) when I was in Barcelona a few weeks ago at El Quim at La Boqueria Market. More on that soon.

That’s what I’m craving. What about you?

Fried Artichoke Chips eaten at La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

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  1. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    @Keane – did you eat anywhere in the market? I hadn’t seen it last time I visited Barcelona and this time I was totally blow away by everything…all the cava might have helped, too :)

  2. says

    I just found you after getting the idea (what took me so long?) to Google “melanzane sott’olio.” Took me to your post. Then I came here to find the artichokes. Wow! We grow wild carciofe and cook the stems. Not sure how to spell “gardune,” but there ya have it. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  3. Shelley Smith says

    Hi! There are some great fried artichoke recipes online.
    I crave them, too. We had them at Taller Bar in Barcelona along with the best squid we ever ate. Going back in the Fall and will wait in line to graze at the Bouqueria. We got ham, bread cheese and strawberries for a picnic! We were too hungry to wait for a table. Our loss! Next time, I’ll spend a whole day there!

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