At the Italian movies, Manuale d’Amore 3

When I lived in the US, I loved going to the movies often. At HP I used to go with my colleagues when a new movie came out and we would take a long lunch break and go tho the earliest showing. When I lived in Rome, I didn’t have money to eat out but I would try to go to the Metreon on Wednesday for cheap movie night in lingua originale for my English language film fix. The first few years back and forth from Italy I wouldn’t sleep on the Transatlantic flight but would stay up watching as many movies as I could. Sometimes I still do.

Now that I can get movies easier wherever I am, I don’t rely on the theaters for my movie fix, but I still enjoy going to the cinema. Lately, we’ve discovered some Italian movie theaters do an early-morning Sunday viewing for 1/2 the price of normal tickets (4.50euros instead of 9.50) – half price and no crowds? Yes, please. We’ve been in theaters for 600 people and the only ones there and loved it!

On Sunday we went to see a film, Manuale d’Amore 3, the third in the series of films about love. Not all movies were available for a matinee, so we tried to pick something light and uncomplicated and this is what we ended up with. I spent most of the film scoffing and laughing at the plot, which seemed very male-centric. I don’t want to ruin the film for those who haven’t seen (or want to see) it, but the film is broken up into three main parts and several stereotypes I see in Italian movies were present: the temptress, the temptress, and the temptress. Ah those poor engaged/married/pure Italian men. Those temptress women just won’t leave them alone. Manuale d’Amore 3 was written and directed by a man, and I believe it shows.

If nothing else, you may want to watch just to see Robert De Niro speak Italian, and not just a few lines, but an entire part and (spoiler!) get it on with Monica Bellucci (I’m sure the reason he decided to do the film in the first place).

The good thing to come out of today’s movie were definitely the previews – I’ll be looking forward to La Vita Facile with Stefano Accorsi & Pierfrancesco Favino – two of my favorite contemporary Italian actors. If you’re into Italian cinema, you won’t want to miss this past week’s Eye on Italy podcast episode where we talk about non-sucky Italian cinema :) – you’ll find a bunch of films to add your various movie queues!

Seen any good Italian films lately?

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  1. Rose says

    Sara, I saw the first Manuale d’Amore at an Italian film festival in Marin, but have not been able to find it anywhere for rent since. I didn’t even know there was a Md’A 2! It would be worth it to see #3 just for De Niro, as you said. I hope it gets released out here at some point.

    • Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy says

      @Rose – I’ll have to see if I can gather some resources where to buy / rent Italian movies outside of Italy…there has to be some sites / services!