Not a Bad Day to Live in Milan

Thanks to all the Caption this Picture entries – you are more funny than I :)

As this blog is titled, “It isn’t all Pretty – Life in Italy beyond Food & Travel Photography,” I believe that Italy is a lot more than wine, gorgeous men, and extra virgin olive oil. And where I currently live, Milan, has never been one of my favorite cities in Italy. In fact, after living in Tuscany, Rome, and spending a lot of time in Puglia, as well as having visited almost all of Italy’s regions, it has slid down the rankings quite a bit. (Before you ask why I live there, which I’ll answer in a more detailed post, just know most people are in Milan for work reasons).

But some days I’ve very glad to live here, like today.

Since I got back from London for business in mid-January, Milan’s weather has been completely sunny, clear (though quite smoggy) and completely atypical for this time of year. To say I’ve been enjoying it is an understatement.

Today was blindingly sunny, and I luckily got to spend a few minutes walking through the center.

Sunny day in Milan’s center: +1

I received a package from one of my favorite brands, Moleskine, who is actually headquartered here in Milan. That one on top is the Passions Journal for Wine, and S has already claimed it for his own.

Moleskine being headquartered in Milan and receiving a surprise package: +1

And it’s no surprise how much I love aperitivo – Italy’s pre-dinner drink culture, that I wrote a whole Guide to Italian Aperitivo. So when Campari asked me if I wanted to check out the new Aperol Spritz, I said, heck ya! And this cool Aperol Spritz party box arrived today, too.

Campari based in Milan + sends surprise aperitivo drinks: +1

All in all, a good day. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on Milan.

(And yes, I know by the sheer fact that I’m writing about this means that it will rain tomorrow.)

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    • Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy says

      Heh, can you believe that’s fake ice? ;) But I think it can be frozen….I will be investigating of course.

  1. says

    I was going to say the same thing – LOVE the ice, & the little plastic (?) orange slices. Can’t wait to hear if they’re just props, or if they can be frozen & serve a purpose. So cute.