2010 Year Review in Pictures

I like the visual recap of my year in pictures (2009’s is here) since I share so many pictures on my site during the year. In 2010, I had a very very very eventful year, and I wasn’t able to share everything on my site, including some of my favorite pictures and some of my trips – they are still sitting on my various hard drives hoping to get picked to be made into a blog post.

So I thought why not just mix in a few new pictures with those I’ve already shared? You’ll have to scroll through the months to spot them.

In January, I prepared for the 4th Annual World Nutella Day (2011’s edition is less than a month away on February 5th!) with a Nutella-mascarpone tart and shared a video I made about spending a weekend in Paris with friends

Nutella & Mascarpone Cream Chocolate Tarts for World Nutella Day 2010

and in February, after the massive World Nutella Day roundup, I shared a pasta dish that’s become a staple in our house, Broccolo Romanesco, Roman Cauliflower with Pasta

Pasta with Broccolo Romanesco, Roman Cauliflower and Pecorino Romano

In March I shared a video I made about Italian gestures and shared that I was writing tech articles for Suzuki Europe, and shared some tips about visiting Portofino

Another view of Portofino Bay, Italian Riviera, Italy

In April I launched the new all-Italy podcast called Eye on Italy with Michelle from Bleeding Espresso and Jessica from Why Go Italy (28 episodes later, we’re still loving it!) and gave you a look at my huge Easter lunch in Piemonte

Ravioli alla Piemontese, Easter lunch in Piemonte

In May, it was a bit slow for me (just on the blog though) but I still made some Lobster pasta

Spiny Lobster Tail with Asparagus Pasta Recipe

In June, it was a reflective month as I shared How Italy has changed my diet in 7 years & 10 Tourist Mistakes when Visiting Italy: Tipping, Tickets, and More, and I spent a lot of time eating strawberries at a sagra delle fragole

Fresh strawberries - Sagra della Fragola, Strawberry Festival in Italy

In July I revealed the reason for some of my blog delinquency – my new job with Automattic (WordPress.com & more) and I took a brief trip to Puglia and my first work week as a location-independent worker

Matinatella beach in Puglia

In August was spent with family & friends in America (I also visited Alaska for the first time), and working, and it was the first month in 5 years I didn’t post something. Sad Christmas. To make up for it, here’s four pics I’ve never published from San Diego (& my beloved Jalapeno cream shrimp enchiladas), and from Alaska

Lone surfer girl in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, USA

Jalapeno cream Shrimp enchiladas

Fishing all alone with snow-covered mountains in the distance, in Alaska

Silver salmon, one close to spawn time, in Alaska

In September, I continued the Italian wedding spree with a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo, and I went to Florida for work, making it the first time I visited the US twice in a year since I moved here.

Burrata, mozzarella, and fresh ricotta at a Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo

In October I celebrated a birthday with a Chocolate Mousse Cake and visited New York City for a second time (making it visit #3 to the US in one year – wow!)

Classic Chocolate Mousse and Espresso Coffee Chocolate Chip Mousse Cake Recipe

Fall leaves turning in Central Park, New York City, New York

In November I shared my concerns about flavor enhancers & MSG with my post about How to Make Homemade Chicken Stock and I launched a new sub-blog about Life in Italy beyond pretty food & travel photography, called “What I See…at Ms. Adventures in Italy” (it has a separate RSS Feed in case you want to subscribe, too)

How to make Homemade chicken stock

In December, I shared more about some of my favorite traditions like How to Host a Cookie Swap and my own little Christmas tree, and spent time in Scotland as well as Thailand (photos coming soon!)

My little wooden German Christmas Tree

All in all, a great year, with a lot of new beginnings. I’ll be sharing some of my Tools, Sites and Statistics as I usually do in another post. Happy New Year!

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  1. says

    You have had a very busy year!
    I can’t believe I haven’t seen your podcasts yet. Must get watching! That lobster pasta looks divine.
    Will 2011 be as busy?

  2. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    @Loulou – 2011 will definitely be busy, though I hope with normal work and my own projects – not so many freelance projects :)

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