A little “taste” of Prosciutto di Parma

I spent Saturday with Jessica from Italy Travel Guide in and around Parma for the annual Prosciutto di Parma festival. Here’s a little taste of what we saw:

Endless hall of Prosciutto di Parma, Italy

More tomorrow!

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    • Ms. Adventures in Italy says

      @Melanie – it’s funny, but I’m not that big on prosciutto but being in the factory definitely increased my appreciation for how it’s made.

  1. says

    Mmmm… I saw the Prosciutto di Parma festival on tv over the weekend and it looked like a tasty event. Made me wish Amalfi wasn’t so far from Parma! (Or maybe that’s a good thing…) Look forward to hearing about your day!

  2. says

    Mmm. I’ve been having this on-going debate with friends on how long prosciutto holds… especially without refrigeration. I want to take loads of it back with me to America. Any ideas on how long before it went bad? (Or does that just give you indigestion?)

  3. Karen says


    I wouldn’t try bringing any prosciutto back to the US with you — customs will confiscate it. At least they did when I declared ours in Chicago! A friend of ours (a wily Milanese) told me that my mistake was my honesty — if I’d tucked it well within my suitcase and fibbed, I’d have been all right. But his theory was proved wrong the next time he tried to smuggle some speck back into the States after a trip home — they swiped that too. My advice is to stick with cheese and limoncello ; )

  4. Francesco says

    Hi, I’m your giude into the factory. Very beautiful pics and very good text!! I’m proud you like the tour.

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