Coffee Crack: Druggy Delight or Delicious Specialty Espresso?

Thanks to all that entered my Search for the Perfect Frosting Recipe giveaway! I’ve listed the winner at the end of this post.

Sometimes the funniest language mashups are completely unintentional.

Imagine my delight, when after lunch today, I found an unintentional language mashup that was just waiting to be discovered.

Coffee Crack.

Yes, you read that right.

I took a picture of the menu with my little camera, but since it wasn’t clear enough, and in fact no mere diagram could convey what Coffee Crack truly is, I decided to sacrifice myself and order it so you could get a closer look.

Coffee Crack - the diagram of a winner

Wow, only €1,70 for Coffee Crack? What a deal.

Only €1,70 for Coffee Crack

Here’s what it looked like. And what was Coffee Crack in the end? Well, imagine a rich, roasted espresso topped with super creamy, cool frothed milk (not foam, please!), drizzled with chocolate syrup, and oops, with a shot of coffee espresso liquor at the bottom (like the Borghetti I used in Drunken Devil’s Food Cupcakes). Well, not exactly a shot, but enough to make it a little “corretto.”

The crack is supposed to come from leaving the chocolate syrup rest on the cool milk foam and harden up so you can “crack” it with your spoon.

By the way, just in case the perspective on this photo is fooling you, that is not a milkshake-size glass, but rather slightly larger than a shot glass.

Coffee Crack - bet you can't drink just one

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Marrocchino - How to Order an Italian Coffee

Want to know where you can find Coffee Crack? Lino’s Coffee. Lino’s is one of the very few coffee chains that exist in Italy.

Search for the Perfect Frosting Recipe Giveaway.

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    Yes indeed the addition of a key word or two from one language to another certainly can give rise to a smile or two for the day. I’ll have a coffee crack, per favore.

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    Yum! Coffee Crack is just what I need. Thanks for the tip I’ll be visiting Lino’s soon. Meanwhile I’ll be making this at home! Pam

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