Fresh Fruit and Nutella for World Nutella Day

In preparing for World Nutella Day on Tuesday (send us your entries!), I decided to have an empirical study (and by empirical, I mean whatever I decide is obviously correct) about which fresh fruit goes best with Nutella. For you Nutella Virgins, you may use my results but I suggest you find out for yourself and let me know!

I took five ordinary fresh fruit and paired each of them with that nutty spread, Nutella: a pear, banana, apple, kiwi and (blood) orange.

Fresh fruit and Nutella experiment for World Nutella Day


Banana are a pretty forgiving fruit – they tolerate being mixed around with everything from strawberries to nuts to cinnamon, but they have their own category with Nutella. The first time I had a Nutella and Banana crepe on the streets of Paris, I thought I might propose marriage to the crepe maker!

Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich was Peanut Butter and Bananas, and when I tasted it on the streets of Memphis 10 years ago, I thought it was pretty good myself. But I think if the King had known about Nutella, he would have had Nutella and Banana sandwiches, too.

Bananas and Nutella were made to be together!

Banana and Nutella for World Nutella Day


I spent most of my childhood years hoping that today’s afternoon snack would be the ever-popular apple with the core taken out and filled with peanut butter. For some reason, there were alway carrot sticks or raisins in it, too. Though apples are what I usually pair with peanut butter, it goes pretty well with Nutella as well – though next time I’m going to eat all three of them together!

Apple and Nutella for World Nutella Day

Blood Oranges

If for some strange reason you’ve never tried Blood Oranges (and recently many bloggers are talking about them), you should definitely try one now. As in, stop reading this post and go get one!

When I studied abroad in Italy in 1999, I have a very distinct memory of blood red oranges. It was in Venice at a disco during a particularly cold March. When I ordered a Screwdriver, the bartender in this tiny bar pulled out a pitcher of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice and made the best Screwdriver I’ve ever had in my life. No joke.

That didn’t help any sobriety aspirations I had for the evening, let me tell you.

Now as far as Nutella goes with blood oranges, well, I will let you all tell me. This orange was perfection, although not as dark as other blood oranges, delicious, tart and juicy, and possibly the worst thing to pair with Nutella.

I love Nutella, I love blood oranges, but I can’t eat them together.

Blood Oranges and Nutella for World Nutella Day


The pear is often an underrated fruit. It’s pretty ugly on the outside, not that interesting inside, but it is delicious and great when paired with other flavors. I like the grittiness of it and I prefer a hard pear that I get a bit of a crunch with.

Diana Krall does a good interpretation of the song, “Peel Me a Grape,” but in my house, it’s “Peel me a Pear” and S usually obliges me. I don’t really like eating a pear like an apple, bite after bite off the core, but I can eat thousands of slices of pear. Yes, I’m weird.

Therefore, slices of pear smothered in Nutella sounded perfect to me.

Pear and Nutella for World Nutella Day


I love this tart, bright green fruit with dark, black seeds inside. Mother Nature is definitely creative.

I decided to try a kiwi “carpaccio,” a thin slice of kiwi with Nutella but the kiwi’s tartness conflicted pretty strongly with Nutella. I think the best way to eat these two things together would to have much more Nutella than kiwi. It only takes a sliver!

Kiwi and Nutella for World Nutella Day

What’s your favorite? What fruit should be tried that I didn’t mention?

Don’t forget you to send us your entries for World Nutella Day to nutelladay [[at]] nutelladay [[dot]] com

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  1. says

    I have to say I think I’d agree with you on all of these–especially the bananas :) In fact, I’ve been known to make a Nutella, peanut butter, and banana sandwich from time to time…with marshmallow fluff if I’m feeling really in need of sugar ;)

  2. says

    I love bananas and Nutella. I never though to try pears or apples with it.

    Sara your photos are just amazing. These look like something I would see in Food and Wine magazine or Bon Appetite. Great presentation.

  3. says

    While not a “fruit,” I would HIGHLY recommend AGAINST dill pickles with Nutella. Yes, that means I tried it, and yes, that means I thought it was disgusting!

    I do like to eat apples and banana with Nutella though. :)

  4. says

    That pear looks really great.
    My favorite has been halving a peach, filling the pit area with Nutella, and then grilling them until ridiculously delicious.

  5. Katya says

    What about persimmon? – I bet you it would go really well. I haven’t tried, but it just sounds like it would be delicious…

  6. says

    Have been a fan of your blog for a while now, this is my first post. :-)

    I have never tried Nutella! What does it taste like? I have seen it of course but since I don’t like peanut butter, I just figured I wouldn’t like Nutella. Maybe I am missing out on something good?

    …and for a fruit, how about mango?

  7. lola granola says

    I like nutella with fresh figs. I usually mash them both together into a rough paste and then eat it spread on whole grain toast.

  8. Sam says

    Here in Manila there’s an amazing crepe they make at Cafe Breton. It’s got mangoes, Nutella, and vanilla ice cream. It’s the bomb. Especially with walnuts. :D

  9. says

    Bananas are “wicked good” with nutella (I’m from Massachusetts..sorry) anyone ever try ananas? I have both in my kitchen right now, might have to try it. My favorite has to be nutella fingers though… you know, eating nutella off your fingers:) great post! and Great Pictures!

  10. meremere says

    you have to try a regular orange with nutella…the juiciness and the chocolate are to die for. Much better than with banana.

  11. Stevo says

    I haven’t tried Nutella on Pineapple but dipping Pineapple in chocolate fondue is heavenly so I would definitely be willing to give it a try.

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