Last-minute Thanksgiving Ideas

Wednesday before Thanksgiving is usually the biggest travel day of the year in the U.S.

I hope everyone travels safe, and before Black Friday, make sure you read my Italy Gift Guide (and comment to win a limited edition Illy caffe’ tin) from yesterday to take advantage of the on and offline specials.

And what about me? I’ll be celebrating on Friday instead of tomorrow. This morning I am going to my macellaia (butcher) to inspect the turkey, to see if it’s a tacchinone (huge turkey) and if it will fit in my oven!

If you’re still looking for some last-minute inspiration for dishes or desserts, or already planning what to do after leftovers….Here’s my short contribution. You can find all of my recipes here.

Why not take some of those leftovers and stuff them!

Stuff them in a savoury tart like this one:
Pumpkin, Pancetta, Parmigiano and Pine Nut Savoury Tart Close-up

Stuff them in an eggplant:
Stuffed Melanzane, Eggplant

Stuff them in mushrooms:
Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms

or toss leftover vegetables with some pasta and fresh pesto:
Fresh pesto pasta

Then, when you conveniently still have room for dessert:

Make the very popular Sweet, Fried Balls of Ricotta
Palline di Ricotta, Sweet, Fried balls of Ricotta

or lighten up with Baked Honey Pears with Ricotta Cream
Honey Baked Pears and Ricotta Cream

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Some other Thanksgiving recipe round-ups:

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