Italian Summer Music 2007

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I told you how summer means aperitivo in Italy, but it also means “Latin music” to many Italians. There is usually one song in Spanish that will follow you to every corner and corner shop in Italy, tormenting you until you know every word and recognize it from a few muffled bars from someone’s upstairs window.

The year I arrived, it was “Obsession (No es amor)” by Aventura, and it hung on for quite some time and was rejuvenated when Frankie J. came out with his English version.

This year, it’s “Toda Joia Toda Beleza” by Roy Paci & Aretuska feat. Manu Chao. I’m guaranteed to hear this song at least another 5,000 times.

Luckily, those with a Latin-fixation in Milan can get some satisfaction in the summer going to the Festival Latino Americando and they have a concert every night – sometimes bringing in big stars like Elvis Crespo, La India, Fulanito, Gilberto Gil and Paulina Rubio. I went several times in 2003 and had a great time – just make sure to spray with plenty of mosquito repellent before you go!

Interested in other popular music in Italy right now?

Here’s a few songs buzzing right now – feel free to add your recommendation in the comments!

Negramaro, who made an appearance at the Festival Bar concert in Milan I went to in June, has one of the most popular songs of the summer with “Parlami d’Amore.” The audience practically sang this song for them. They were also very good in concert, working the crowd and doing extra songs during commercial breaks – it was obvious they love their fans.

Check out Tiziano Ferro‘s “Raffaella è mia” about Raffaella Carrà, a popular TV host/actress/singer from the 60s. Tiziano is popular but not very well-liked by many “serious” music fans – most of my Italian friends groan when I say I like him, but I can’t help it. I definitely recommend him if you’re learning Italian, and tell me that this song doesn’t make you dance!

Nek is another artist I recommend if you’re learning Italian. He sings very clearly in Italian and was one of the first artists I started listening to while I was back in the U.S. I also saw him this year at the Festival Bar concert in Milan. He often has albums in Spanish, like Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazotti. His recent song is Nella Stanza 26, but here’s arguably his most popular song, Laura Non C’è.

Irene Grandi‘s “Bruci La Città” is not a particularly great song, but the refrain just sticks with you…. “e tuuuuuuuuuuuutti quei ragazzi…come teeeeeeeeee” – if you listen to it twice you’ll probably have it stuck in your head. The video has a Second Life appearance that I’ve seen in a few Italian music videos lately.

If you want to keep up with what’s popular in Italian music, I recommend checking the MTV charts or Radio Italia charts (only Italian artists) or check the ringtones sites which will tell you immediately what’s hot and what’s not.

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  1. Giulia says

    I love “Raffaella è mia!” It’s so upbeat and fun to jump around to. :) I must not be a serious music fan, as I like Tiziano’s music. lol

  2. says

    thank you so much for posting these! I hear these songs constantly on the car radio here, and keep thinking i want to look them up when I get home. Raffaella is definitely the song of the summer in the Lucca region.

  3. says

    I agree, Nek is a great artist to listen to when you’re learning Italian. I have five or six of his CDs, and I’ll just put one on repeat until I’m able to sing along with the choruses of all of them. Great language practice – and he usually prints the lyrics on the CD covers, too, so you can always double check what you’re hearing!

    I’ve been listening to Radio Italia online lately, and trying to find a place I can download individual songs – and running into dead ends. iTunes USA doesn’t have them, and it won’t let me download songs from the iTunes Italia store. Any suggestions?

  4. Loredana says

    I was in Italy this summer in August and throughout the clubs I was hearing an arabic type song. I was wondering if anyone knew the name. I just recently heard it at a club in Toronto so I think its making it way finally. Any help would great.

  5. Lizzy says

    omg i miss italian pop music so much. there’s this song that has been bothering me though and i was wondering if you could help me with it. i think it was actually french and it was popular summer 2003. it was a man singing with a woman. i looooved this song but i could never remember the name of it. if someone could help me with it that would be great ciao!

  6. Eve says

    i went on holiday to italy in august 2007 and throuhgout the holiday i kept hearing the same song?, just wondering if anyone knew what song it was? x

  7. Yazmin says

    Last year i went to Italy with my family, and every night at entertainment they played the same two songs which went something like this;
    “ponji pa pa pada ponji, woo woo”
    “ca ca caa ca ca ca caa”

    does anyone know what they are called, we have been desperatly searching for a year now. Thanx

  8. Allefuji says

    No…..If possible i would like to say to everyone in this site (who’s thinking of italian music) that not all italians are like Tiziano Ferro! T_T

    I’m italian (Reggio Emilia) but I feel embarassed when thinking to those “artist”…….
    Please…..if you are going to have an idea of italian culture make sure you’re not listening to that sh*……hmmm……”artists”………
    have a look of ancient great artists……Today’s Italy is really downgraded for many point of view… included (think of “house Music” and the terrible incrasing of disco’s success….-_-……….T_T I can’t stand)

  9. Shameema says

    Hey there! I’m hoping you can help :)
    I was in Italy in August 2007, and besides the Toda Joia Toda Beleza song ( which i managed to track down later ), there was another music video by an artist, in black and white, featuring a house full of people/freaks..and at the end, the little house gets up and walks after the vocalist, who is a young guy with curly hair…thats all i remember…

    please tell me you recognise the video? :)

  10. Allefuji says

    I don’t know what video are you talking about…..
    but “Toda Joia toda beleza” is sung in spanish, i think…….

    (i dislike that song too)

  11. Casey Hagaman says

    oh my god thank so much I have been looking for Tiziano Ferro Raffaella e mia for a year. I heard him when I was in Italy summer of 2007 and never caught his name thank you.

  12. Vito says

    There’s this song that goes
    “Sexy” dadadada

    something like that but says sexy in the cours but cant find out what its called am guessing its an older song now but its always played at beaches and stuff any idea’s?

  13. Zack says

    Hey so i was in Rome in 2007 for almost 9 months. There was a music video always playing in between Umbrella by Riahanna and Maroon 5 Songs. All i can say is that I thought it was an italian group and the music video was the group on a beach….i know thats not much but its been bugging me for a while now….help!!

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