KaDeWe – Kaufhaus des Westens: Food Shopping Heaven in Berlin

I had read something about KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) department store before arriving in Berlin. I had heard that the sixth floor was a sight to see with its large selection of food items, but to be honest, I really wasn’t prepared.

Strangely on the Berlin trip I wasn’t in shopping mode which was probably a relief to S, but I had to really rack my brain of something to take home. They had everything. I walked around with my jaw hanging down, and I even forgot to take pictures…at first. Then I snapped out of it and snapped a few sights.

The thing that really struck me about the place was not only the selection, but the numerous mini-restaurants on the floor – browsing the coffee selection? Stop for a coffee at the coffee bar. What about sausages? Fry one up at the grill behind you. Buy a beer, have a beer. Thai food to eat now, and then take home and make yourself. Wrap up some fresh fish for tonight, and eat some fried calamari as a snack right now.

Ah, I love it when a concept WORKS.

All the big names here, chocolate everywhere!!

KaDeWe Chocolate Heaven

Every spice I could think was here, and a ton that I had never heard of.

KaDeWe Spice Rack after Rack

I cringed when I saw this display but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pick up a few packs of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

KaDeWe Welcoming American foodstuffs

Oh my! So many sausages, so little time! Behind this counter was a grill and a mass of people waiting for a hot one off the grill.

KaDeWe - Sausage Counter

This was just one of the huge wine rooms in KaDeWe – another room had a closed-off “reserve” room with bottles of wine that cost more than my monthly salary.

KaDeWe Wine Wine Wine

I hope you get a chance to see this place if you’re ever in Berlin. It’s definitely worth it. Oh yeah, and they have a lot of clothes in the store, too, if that stuff interests you.

KaDeWe – Kaufhaus des Westens (www.kadewe-berlin.de)
Tauentzienstraße 21-24 – 10789 Berlin

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  1. Giulia says

    *sigh* Reese’s Peanut Butter cups… my mouth is watering! Great photos. I tried to enlargen them to get a better view of the spices and the U.S.A one, but they came up as private. :(

  2. lieludalis says

    Haha! I just had a friend from the states bring me a few 12 packs of reeces! And I noticed Fluff on the shelf of the “American” shop! FLUFF!!
    This is now on my list of “places to see” for Berlin. Glad you remembered to take photos!

  3. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    @Giulia – I made the photos public now but not sure you’ll see so much detail! :)
    @lieludalis – remember you’re in the same post code as me and that information now makes you very very vulnerable to a Reese’s drive-by!!

  4. Giulia says

    Thanks! You’re right, the photos are the same size so I can’t see any more than what I saw in the first place. Through my squinting though, I think I can see a slew of cake products, Betty Crocker? Then there are the Oreos and French’s mustard. Yummm, syrup too. And I think I see the Reese’s in one of those baskets. Yikes, I feel like a gained a few pounds just by looking too hard!

  5. says

    I love the food floor of the KaDeWe! The American section has come a long way… 10 years ago all you could get was Dr. Pepper, salsa, and E-Z Cheez there.

    Did you notice the vanilla extract for 25 euros?

  6. says

    We make KaDaWe a must do on every trip to Berlin, and we are looking forward to eating there again in July.

    Harrod’s of London can offer a similar gastronomic experience.

  7. says

    OMG all that chocolate! that’s my dream come true. thanks for sharing the pics.

    btw, found your site via delightfulblogs.com. enjoyed your entries. will visit again for sure.

    keep on blogging!

  8. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    Yeah, I wish I had had more time to check it out – unfortunately it was towards the end of the day and on a holiday weekend so time was limited.

    I propose a Foodie weekend at Berlin’s KaDeWe!! :)

  9. says

    Oh, yes-this is a great store and something to experience! I needed about three more hours in here~very nice staff working here, also!

  10. says

    KaDeWe is definitely an interesting stop; it’s not the best food you’ll ever eat prepared at those little mini-restaurants, but it’s fast and you can’t beat the variety. I particularly loved the all-dessert mini-restaurant, with the petits-fours and gloriously decadent-looking bite-sized treats. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but it’d be fun to go back enough times to get used to all of it!

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