FemCamp, Moo Notecards, Me in Italian Glamour

Tomorrow I’m heading with Michelle down to Bologna for the first FemCamp, a BarCamp for women and technology and new media. Don’t know what BarCamp is? It’s basically a series of “unconferences” – informal get-togethers organized by the participants themselves, using an online wiki that anyone can edit or add to. The topics are proposed by the participants and the speakers are participants as well! I hope to speak about (female) entrepreneurship in Italy and collecting resources and sites for that (have something to suggest already? Email me or comment here.)

There are several BarCamps in Italy this year, and they are also taking place in other parts of the world as well- US, Europe. Check the BarCamp page for upcoming BarCamps – join and/or organize your own! (wiki article on BarCamp)

I’m hoping to see some familiar faces from the Girl Geek Dinner I attended in March, and I’m even riding down in the train to Bologna with Deidrè and a few other fems!

I also received my first, and certainly not last, order of Moo Notecards that I told you about a while ago. Like the sticker on the package they send you says, “YAY!” I see a long relationship ahead of me and Moo.

I got my Moo Pocket in the mail from SplatGirl (check out her Etsy shop and get your own Moo Pocket!) but now I’m running out of Moo MiniCards to fill it with! Moo MiniCard order number 2 is in the pipeline. Do have MooCards? Let’s exchange!!

Oh, and if you haven’t heard of, or checked out Etsy.com, “Your place to buy & sell all things handmade,” you really should. I intend to keep coming back!

Moo Pocket and Moo NoteCards

Last, and actually least, my second appearance in Italian publications has happened, this time in the June (Italian) issue of Glamour. I think it’s time to officially say I’m “sfigata” (misfortunate-cursed) – the first article (in Grazia) pointed out my wonderful “American accent” and this appearance, while much shorter, still manages to shoot me in the foot. I spoke to this journalist at the GGD because I was giving out my Moo cards and she wanted to know more about them, Twitter, and a few other sites she’d never heard of.

We corresponded a few times via email and I sent her more information and recommendations for cool sites to check out. In the magazine, several of my suggestions are attributed to other people (remember she had never heard of Moo or Twitter before talking to me) and the one that is attributed to me, Pandora, is actually no longer available in Italy as of three weeks ago! Che sfiga, what bad luck! Oh well, hopefully I’ll have more opportunities to redeem myself.

Me in Glamour

Anything newsworthy going on with you?

Have any links and-or resources to suggest for entrepreneurship (female and non) in Italy??

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  1. says

    Well, you look awesome, so that is definitely one for the plus category! (I didn’t have the June issue at home which was why I couldn’t find you in my May one… ;-)) You never know, some modeling agencies might try to hunt you down for a campaign or something, and then who cares about all that techy stuff, right?!

  2. says

    Moos are addictive, aren’t they? I will soon be able to brag at having Splatgirl’s first made to order Moo pocket – I sent her some old scraps of material collected in my travels around the world, for her to play with as she sees fit as well as make me a cool personalized pocket!

    Geez, you got into Glamour – I’m jealous! But wait til you see my new look for tomorrow!

  3. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    You guys are making my head swell, and partially forget about the brutta figura I’ve become as far as magazine appearances. :)

    Thanks for the links as well! Going to check them out.

  4. Julie says

    Wow! You move to Italy and become a super star! What gives???!!!!
    How are you? I’ll write more later! Love, Julie

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