Tour del Gelato: Pinguino Blu in Milan

Update: this store is now closed. 

Another stop on the Tour del Gelato and also another stop in Roccamonfina by Karen! Check out the Tour del Gelato blogroll to participate or see other stops!

And in Gelato news, do you remember when I went to Grom in Florence? Now they are opening their first U.S. branch in New York! If you’re near Broadway and 76th starting this Saturday, it’s worth a taste!

Pinguino Blu is located on Via Paolo Sarpi, not too far from Corso Como or Parco Sempione, and only a few steps away from my gym. The first time I went there, I was impressed by the clean interior, the way a newly opened place sparkles. Actually, I’m not sure how long it’s been opened, but it has definitely retained that “clean” feeling.

These photos are from the second time I went to Pinguino Blu – between the first and second times several months passed as I couldn’t justify popping in after the gym or skipping the gym altogether and going there first! I’ve also gotten some other recommendations of places to try in Milan and those are next, but I pass this place often.

Gelato Case at Pinguino Blu

The first time I ordered pistacchio and cioccolato al peperoncino that was so hot and spicy I actually couldn’t finish it. It had a slow burn that dripped down the back of your throat. Luckily, when I went back my friend got that flavor again and it wasn’t as strong as I remembered, so they either changed the recipe or I’ve built up a tolerance, and it was quite good, especially with the mango she paired it with.

Usually when I try a new place I want to try the standard flavors because I can more easily compare them. I almost always get a pistacchio or nut flavor because you can judge the composition of fresh ingredients easier. But, I would love to try these sesame seed gelato cups the next time I go! Don’t they look good?

Sesame Seed Gelato Cups

They had quite a few different gelato creations and a few gelato cakes as well (not pictured) and of course, mountains of take-away containers ready to be filled, as well as a yogurt bar with different add-ins for your fresh yogurt treat.

Gelato Creations at Pinguino Blu

One of my favorite summer combinations – mango and cocco, coconut. The coconut was excellent which in my opinion is much harder to do well than mango because I find many gelaterias tend to make a really icy coconut, more like a sorbetto instead of the creamy gelato it should be.

Gelato at Pinguino Blu

I was glad I headed back for a second try. And it’s right in range for temptation!

Pinguino Blu
Via Paolo Sarpi, 2 – Milano – 02.34534113

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  1. lieludalis says

    Ooh, cocco and mango…great combination! My new favorite is cocco and (I think they called it) nero chocolate…just like a mounds bar.

  2. says

    hello my dear! ho buttato un occhio qua e là al tuo blog, mi piace! ti piace il gelato a quanto pare! e nomini pure grom.. è il mio preferito a dire il vero. Devo approfondire il tour di Ms Adventure! :-) a prestissimo!

  3. says

    …*drooling* – wow, those seseme seed cups look FANTASTICO!

    one of our favorite flavors is the spicy chocolate too!

  4. says

    It would take me forever to choose a flavour, I think I’d just drool in front of the display. A good coconut is certainly hard to find, but when you do, it’s REALLY good.

  5. says

    I love how the gelateria is near the gym!That makes for good “If I do 10 extra minutes on the Stairmaster, I can get gelato today” self-bargaining. Personally, I do not like gelato (I know, I know – ma cosa mangi??). It’s too smooth and slippery for my tastes. I’m more of a chunky Ben & Jerry’s kind of girl but, in general, I am not a dairy person so I could take or leave either. Now, if they put a focacceria near my current gym, that’d be dangerous.

  6. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    @lieudalis – a few gelaterie actually have a flavor Bounty, that’s the Mounds-like one here. YUM.
    @adina – aspetto il tuo consiglio!!
    @erin – you’ll have fun tasting all the spicy chocolates – some will grow hair on your chest.
    @nyc/jackie/byunghoon – i always agonize choosing creamy vs. fruity…i got to mix them here!
    @Brilynn – it’s becoming another one of my ways to test a good gelateria.
    @Elisa – vado subito a provarla!! :)
    @Michelle – I like finding chunky gelato, it’s rare but good. I like some crunch!

  7. says

    I still have to do a proper gelato tour post…sigh. Will move it further up on the to-do list! Pistacchio is always my 1st choice, but then I pair it with something totally strange or otherwise a flavor that I’ve never tasted. Love those sesame cups!

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