Tour del Gelato: Gelateria Marghera

Another stop on the Tour del Gelato! Be sure and email me if you’ve added a stop to the Tour! Check the Tour del Gelato page for other recent stops and how to participate.

I saw Gelateria Marghera when we went to Choco Cult last time, and after a further recommendation from Silvia, I knew it would be our next stop on the Tour del Gelato.

Gelateria Marghera is only about a block or two from Choco Cult, and they are quite different from each other. Gelateria Marghera is a traditional gelateria with space for leaning with your cone, and the back wall behind the gelato cases piled high with take-away cartons. Another wall is lined with freezers containing ready-made ice cream cakes. The colors are bright and cheery and when we entered, there was only one other person inside.

In the span of 15 minutes, from order to photos, the place was swarmed with about 50 families, couples, and apparent churchgoers to get their Gelateria Marghera fix. We were invaded!

Gelato at Gelateria Marghera

There were about 20 flavors of gelato, mostly standard flavors, and I chose a gianduja (hazelnut chocolate) and pistachio combination. What intrigued me more, and what will be my next order when I go back there are their multitudes of pre-assembled cups of gelato and sorbetto. Yum!

Gelato e Sorbetto

These wild strawberries almost tempted me to get a second helping right then and there!

Sorbetti alle Fragole

These liquorini were really interesting – gelato and sorbetto paired with a liquor like Grand Marinier and rum.

Liquorini di Sorbetto

If this was my local gelateria, it could be dangerous as I would be going here all the time. The flavors were pretty good but not the best ice cream I’ve tasted. Many speak of Gelateria Marghera as one of the “places to go” when eating ice cream in Milan, so I look forward to trying more flavors to move them up higher on my list. But for a metro line change and 6 stops from my house, I’ll probably stop by less often unless I’m out browsing the shops nearby. Next on my list is one of their little cups!

Gelateria Marghera, Via Marghera, 33 – Metro Red (1): DeAngeli or Wagner

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  1. says

    Um, yes please! I should try to get around to another Gelato Tour post before the big ol’ matrimonio, ma, who knows if that can actually happen or not. The idea of gelato as procrastination is highly tempting at the moment. But maybe not so good for the wedding-dress figure. A presto bella!

  2. says

    Yum Yum!

    I was planning to write a blurb about the wonders of Gelato on my blog this week as well!
    Your pictures look wonderful!


  3. Micki says

    Love you site. Just discovered it. I can see that there is a lot more to come back and read.
    I did sign up for your email but I must say that the print/type is so small it is very difficult to read. Any chance you can change that. Maybe I could also but unfortunately I don’t know how. Thanks and keep up the great posting.

  4. Ms. Adventures in Italy says

    I hope you guys write about some Tour del Gelato stops – I need a new fix!

    Micki, I just changed the settings on that, sorry! It should be bigger now.

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