New Additions to the Artigianale Basket for a Menu for Hope

The donors are doing a great job so far with a Menu for Hope, but I want to really blow things out of the water, so I’m adding a few items to the Artigianale Basket – code EU15! (Remember you can also choose the two cookbooks instead of the basket) You only have until December 22nd, this Friday, to donate.

Do you remember the original Artigianale Basket?

  • – White Truffle Oil from Frascati [Lazio]
  • – Bronte Pistachio Cream (sweet) [Sicily]
  • – Ragu’ di Cinghiale (Wild Boar pasta sauce) from Prato [Tuscany]
  • – Nduja “peperoncino & salame” spread from Catanzaro [Calabria]
  • – Pate di Olive from Imperia [Liguria]
  • – 1 half liter bottle of extra virgin olive oil from our family friend in Gargano [Puglia]
  • – 5 packs “Peperoncino” Hot Chocolate mix from Borgaro Torinese [Piedmont]
  • – My favorite handmade Taralli from Dolciaria Monte, Monte Sant’Angelo [Puglia]

Maybe you’re reading that list and thinking, what are some of those things? How do I use them? So, to help out the potential winner and folks at home, I’ve listed some potential uses for these beauties – please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments! A crusty loaf of bread, some of the vegetables below and your Artigianale Basket will create a feast no one will forget!

Antipasto ready for the Artigianale Basket


Olio di Tartufo Bianco – White Truffle infused Oil
Drizzle a bit in your favorite potato soup, on fresh focaccia, drizzled on white bean puree crostini, or as a simple condiment for a spinach salad.

Crema di Pistacchio: – Pistachio cream
Use it on Pandoro – a traditional Christmas bread, in a crepe or on a waffle, on ice cream, or paired with cheese for an interesting contrast – gorgonzola, provolone or ricotta!

Nduja – Salame and hot pepper mix
Spread on toasted bread with cream cheese, or mixed directly into hot pasta, it’s spicy hot and exhilarating, and your sinuses will thank you!

Pate di Olive – Olive tapenade
Spread inside your favorite piadina with turkey and arugula/rocket, or on a crusty slice of bread topped with sundried tomatoes!

Ragu’ di Cinghiale – Wild Boar Meat Sauce
Served with fresh pappardelle and grated Parmigiano Reggiano on top or in the middle of an arancina– a Sicilian rice ball!

Olio di olive – Olive oil
Do I really need to give you ideas? Drizzled over bruschetta or as the base for a vinaigrette or by itself!

And now for some new additions!!

  • Salsa Tartufata Estiva – Summer Truffle Sauce from Campania – a mix of wood mushrooms and truffles
  • Condimento Cime di Rapa – Turnip Greens – a traditional Pugliese pasta sauce be served with orecchiette, ear-shaped pasta

I hope that persuades some of you to get moving on your donation intentions! For more information, check out my original post about this, Chez Pim’s global prize list, or go directly to the donation page.

You only have until Friday to donate!

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    Geez…this gift just keeps getting better and better!

    One lucky person is going to receive a terrific box full of goodies…what a wonderful donation. Best of luck for all yours readers who are bidding on this fabulous collection of treats!

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