Wedding Feast Revisted: I Primi, the Pastas

  • Note: I do remember today, but with all the great memorials, I think it’s enough. I’d rather say today, let’s think about Peace everywhere, please.

Like I mentioned in my last post, a few weeks ago we went back to the restaurant where we had our wedding reception/lunch last year in Puglia. This was after the actual wedding and reception in California a few weeks beforehand. We kept the reception in Italy small for the same reason we kept it small in California, though you may not be able to tell with our 3 first courses that we served. Another Italian wedding may have as many as 5-6 first courses, some in buffet style, some sit-down.

I let my mother-in-law plan the entire wedding lunch in Puglia, right down to the bomboniere, or wedding favors. I figured it was payback for dragging her and her entire family to California for their first flight, and making it a transatlantic one at that. Plus, I had done my time planning my wedding at my mother’s home, and that had been my show. This was hers.

I sat back with a lightened load and became a participant instead of a coordinator.

About half of the lunch guests came to Sante’s family’s house beforehand, I guess to give us good wishes and start the procession of cars. Normally we would have headed over to the reception from the church or comune, the town hall, but that had all been done back in California. I was still putting on last-minute touches and was interrupted often to kiss the cheeks of cousin so-and-so or friend-of-grandmother.

We also decided to forego the fancy cars that most bridal couples utilize on their wedding days – rented Mercedes and Lamborghinis, Uncle Beppe’s BMW, whatever you can afford or pretend to afford. Sante’s friends from Rome had the illustrious distinction of transporting us in their 2-door Ford Ka. It was great.

Upon our arrival at the restaurant, I noticed that a lot of people were standing outside the entrance of the restaurant. We sat in the back seat of the car, waiting. They obviously saw us, and now they would go inside for our “big entrance.”

They didn’t.

Finally, Sante’s mother came and told us they were all waiting for us outside and that we should come inside. It turns out they all had big handfuls of coriandoli, paper confetti, to throw on us as we made our entrance.

Trocoletti ai frutti di mare – very similar to spaghetti, trocoletti are a handcut egg noodle that is a bit thicker. Sante’s mother makes this by hand as well. Different regions may call them something else.
Trocoletti ai Frutti di Mare

Risotto with frutti di mare
Risotto ai frutti di mare

Luckily, I picked the best dish which wasn’t on the menu, but we did have at the reception last year. Medaglioni ai funghi porcini con gamberetti, medallions filled with porcini mushrooms and served with shrimp
Medaglioni ai funghi porcini con gamberetti

We didn’t relive the secondi a few weeks ago, but here is a picture of the grigliata mista, mixed grill, of last year.
PugliaParty (142)

Thanks for letting me revisit the feast with you!

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  1. says

    I had to comment when I saw Puglia. It’s so nice to hear people who like frutti di mare!! I just had some friends in town from the States and they didn’t eat seafood. Well, it’s a good thing they liked pizza! Too many people come to Puglia and don’t try the local dishes.

    Jeffo (from Expats)

  2. says

    That looks great! I really enjoy reading about Italian weddings/receptions. We only had a civil ceremony here so Ive never been to an Italian one!

  3. says

    Stumbled upon your blog today. Very interesting, as well we come from the same area of the world originally. Me, well I’m hoping to be back in Switzerland one day. And for now, I’m in Canada where I’m having adventures of my own…

    Delicious food! Yum yum…. And the year, congrats. We are a few months away still.

  4. Administrator says

    Thanks for all the comments! I’m happy to see some new readers. :) Unfortunately I didn’t get a good closeup pic of the cake (which was the only thing I didn’t get seconds of because it ran out!).

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