The Naughty List

There is a serious problem. Please draw all children away from the computer screen for the next entry.

Here’s an article (in Italian) from the Repubblica, an Italian newspaper that explains it all. I will translate the first paragraph for you because it makes me laugh:

Halloween come l’aborto, il divorzio, l’eutanasia, la fecondazione assistita e l’omosessualit

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  1. Jennifer says

    Hi Sara
    I found your blog from a link on the other Sara’s blog (American Girl in Italy). I just wanted to say hello…I am also an American (originally from Philadelphia) married to an Italian. We live in Vigevano, but work in Pavia.

  2. says

    Hi Sara, I’m Laurie in Torino – found your blog just like Jennifer did (Hi Jennifer it was nice to meet you!!), and also know of you via Gina….hopefully we’ll meet soon..!!

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