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November 1st, 2005 · Tags: Holiday · Italy

There is a serious problem. Please draw all children away from the computer screen for the next entry.

Here’s an article (in Italian) from the Repubblica, an Italian newspaper that explains it all. I will translate the first paragraph for you because it makes me laugh:

Halloween come l’aborto, il divorzio, l’eutanasia, la fecondazione assistita e l’omosessualità. Anche la festa americana di tradizione pagana, importata in Italia sulla scia del consumismo di massa, è finita nella “lista dei cattivi” della Chiesa cattolica.

Halloween, like abortion, divorce, euthanasia, in vitro fertilization, and homosexuality. This American holiday, of Pagan origin, imported in Italy on the path towards mass-market consumption, has ended up on the “Bad List” of the Catholic Church.

Surely there are other things to put on this critical “Bad List” – which consequently makes me think of “the Axis of Evil” and Will Ferrell’s hilarious George W. sketch on SNL. (Can’t link to the video, but a transcript is available)

But back to the “Bad List,” which also can be translated as the “Naughty List,” but I think it sounds too PBS-school-special that way. Notice nuclear warheads, war in general, illiteracy, teenage pregnancy, or drugs didn’t make it to the “Bad List.” A similar article in English if you desire.

Compare that with a Dutch woman’s tax deduction for witchcraft classes. Looks like the Catholic church didn’t have a lot of say on the legislation there. Hm, Roman Catholics only 32% and atheists 40% in the Netherlands, ouch!

But back to important things, like Happy Diwali to all my Hindu friends…If you have no idea what I’m talking about, for heaven’s sake, educate yourself (or Wikipedia’s take if you like) Sandy, Carol, Timir, Neha, Nishant, I’m thinking of you guys. Can’t we Garba one more time?

By the way, I tried to send you an e-card but kept timing out. Must be a lot of internet-happy Indians today! Consider this your e-greeting!

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  • 1
    Jennifer // Nov 2, 2005 at 1:35 pm

    Hi Sara
    I found your blog from a link on the other Sara’s blog (American Girl in Italy). I just wanted to say hello…I am also an American (originally from Philadelphia) married to an Italian. We live in Vigevano, but work in Pavia.

  • 2
    Laurie // Nov 2, 2005 at 2:48 pm

    Hi Sara, I’m Laurie in Torino – found your blog just like Jennifer did (Hi Jennifer it was nice to meet you!!), and also know of you via Gina….hopefully we’ll meet soon..!!

  • 3
    Stelle In Italia // Nov 9, 2005 at 10:43 pm

    I’m third on the list of people to find your blog through Sara :). Hi from Macerata, Italy! I heard about the whole ‘evil American holiday of Halloween’ as well, but I put a pumpkin in the window anyway :). Hope your halloween was happy!


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